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The form laitue is a cross reference to the following entry:

letuse1 (1121-35)


[ FEW: 5,124b latuca; Gdf: ; GdfC: 10,60b laitue; TL: 5,105 laitue; DEAF: ; DMF:  laitue; TLF:  laitue; OED:  lettuce n.; MED:  letuse n.1; DMLBS: 1537b lactuca 1 /1588b letusa ]
lactuce,  letuc,  lettuse,  letus;  laitue,  leitue,  letu,  letue,  lettue,  lettuis  194 letusce  ii 223
pl. lestusez  94.S75  


( 1121-35; MS: s.xii3/3 )  La femele (=mandragora) est fuillue Cum fuille de laitue  1576
( c.1290; MS: s.xivin )  Sauge, letuse e persylle, Cheverefoil, e cumamille, Fenoil, autre herberye Qe nomer totes ne peus mye  (C) 664
( MS: s.xiii ) lactucas: (L) letue (var. (C: s.xiiiex) letusez;  (D: s.xiii/xiv) letusers;  (D*: s.xiii/xiv) letuse )  ii 131.31
bot.wild or bitter lettuce
( MS: s.xiii2/3 )   Lactuca: letue (M.E. slepwurt)  220.a27
( s.xiii2; MS: c.1400 )  Scariola. [...] similis est lactuce, [...], gallice et anglice scariole  163.16
( MS: s.xivin )  Lactuca: (A3) letuse, silvestris quasi domestica est, milkwort(var. (A1: c.1300) gallice letuz, anglice mylkeworth)  153
letuse asinine
1bot.type of lettuce, fennel?
( c.1300; MS: s.xivm )  Abugaletz: letuc asinine  366.41
( c.1300; MS: s.xivm )  Semar: letu asinine  401.492
letuse de bois
1bot.wild lettuce
( MS: s.xiv1/4 )  Lactuca silvatica: (B1) letuse dé boys  153
letuse champestre
1bot.wild lettuce
( s.xiv1; MS: s.xivm )  al vespre de azimes et letuses chapestres (l. champestres)  94ra
letuse de haie
1bot.garden lettuce, Lactuca sativa
( 1266-1300; MS: c.1300 )  aloingne, letuse de haie damache et savage, scariole damasce, et savages roisins  91.686
letuse salvage
1bot.prickly lettuce, Lactuca serriola
( c.1300; MS: s.xivm )  Heyofilos: letus sauvage  376.173
( 1266-1300; MS: c.1300 )  […] violette, letuse savage, polium, polegium, calamente […]  89.619
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