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idle1 (s.xii1)


[ FEW: 4,539b idolum; Gdf: 4,539a idle; GdfC: 9,781a idole; TL: 4,1276 idle; DEAF: I17 idle; DMF:  idole; TLF:  idole; OED:  idol n.; MED:  idol(e n.; DMLBS: 1201b idolum ]
idele;  idre;  ydel,  ydele,  ydle;  ydol,  ydole,  ydolle;  ydre;  yle,  isle  4660 yddle  (B) 132986 ydola  614  


1theol.paganidol, (representation of a) pagan deity
( s.xii1; MS: c.1145 ) Les idles des genz argent e or (Latin: Simulacra gentium argentum et aurum), ovres des mains d'umes  125.134.15
( c.1136-65; MS: c.1200 )  En male abusion labore Quant Deu guerpist e idele aore  1968
( s.xiiiin; MS: s.xiii2/4 )  Les ydeles que avez auré, E par nunsaveir onuré  5279
( 1212; MS: 1212-13 )  Ydres e autiers esquasser Fesoit e les bois estrepper  5077
( s.xiiim; MS: s..xiiiex )  Vos ydles que vos apelez deus ne vos firent unque aie ne socors  50.18
( 1356-57; MS: s.xivex )  ensy (=King Nembroch building a statue of his dead father and telling his people to worship it) comenceeront les ydoles et les simulacres  140
2theol.image or figurine of a divine being or saint
( c.1290; MS: 1307-25 )  mettez la teille a l'ydol de lith Pres de la rose qe ja enflestrith  1041
idolatre  idolatrie 
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