Bibliography of Anglo-Norman Primary Sources

An annotated bibliography, organized alphabetically per AND siglum/abbreviation, of all known Anglo-Norman primary sources available to the AND. Press on a letter to view the sources beginning with the letter.

References are given to Ruth J. Dean and Maureen B.M Boulton, Anglo-Norman Literature: A Guide to Texts and Manuscripts, ANTS Occasional Publications Series 3, London, 1999, and links to the DEAF open on the Complément bibliographique of the Dictionnaire Étymologique de l'Ancien Français website.

Oak Book

A-N in the Oak Book of Southampton
Paul Studer, Oak Book of Southampton of c. A.D. 1300, Transcribed and Edited from the Unique MS. in the Audit House, with Translation, Introduction, Notes, etc., 2 vols, Publications of the Southampton Record Society 10, Southampton, 1910-11.
s.xiv (A-N documents)
DEAF: OakBookS; CoutMerOlOS
Dean: —
Notes: A-N in i 22-81 (c.1300), ii 2-17 and ii 54-103 (s.xiv).

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Les Secrés dé Femmes (Cambridge, Trinity College, O.1.20, 21rb-23rb)
Tony Hunt, ‘Obstacles to Motherhood’, in Conrad Leyser and Lesley Smith, Motherhood, Religion and Society in Medieval Europe, 400-1400: Essays Presented to Henrietta Leyser, Oxford, 211, 205-12.
c.1240 (MS)
Dean: 424
Notes: For the manuscript, see Medica.

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Octavian, a Continental text preserved only in an Anglo-Norman copy
Karl Vollmöller, ‘Octavian’: Altfranzösischer Roman, nach der Oxforder Handschrift Bodl. Hatton 100, Heilbronn, 1883.
s.xiiiex (MS)
Dean: 174

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Oxford English Dictionary

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A-N documents
Paul A. Brand, ‘Oldcotes v. d’Arcy’, in Roy Frank Hunnisett and John B. Post, Medieval Legal Records, Edited in Memory of C. A. F. Meekings, London, 1978, pp. 64-113 (esp. pp. 112-13).
Dean: —
Details: A-N passages in TNA CP 40/178, m.356 and Nottingham, University Library, Cl D 57.
Notes: Previously in Meekings.

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Or Trin

Oratio ad trinitatem (Paris, BN franç. 24766)
IN: Renato Orengo, ‘Le Dialogue de Saint Grégoire le Grand traduit par Angier: Introduction et édition’, unpublished Ph.D. thesis, Zurich, 1969, f. 2v.
1213 (MS)
Dean: 870
Notes: Precedes Angier’s translation of the Dialogues of Gregory the Great; see Dial Greg.

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Or Trin SATF

Oratio ad trinitatem (Paris, BN franç. 24766)
IN: Renato Orengo, Les Dialogues de Grégoire le Grand traduits par Angier, 2 vols, Societé des anciens Textes français, Paris, 2013, vol. 2, pp. 11-14.
1213 (MS)
Dean: 870
Notes: Precedes Angier’s translation of the Dialogues of Gregory the Great; see Dial Greg satf.

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Ord York

The Household Ordinances of York
IN: Thomas F. Tout, The Place of the Reign of Edward II in English History, 2nd ed., Manchester, 1936, Appendix I (pp. 241-84).
1318 (pp. 241-281) and 1323 (pp. 281-84); s.xv (MSS)
DEAF: OrdEdwIIOst1T; OrdEdwIIOst2T
Dean: —
Details: Based on BL, Add. 32097, with variants from BL, Cotton Tiberius E.VIII.

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Ordene Cheval

A-N redactions of L’ordene de chevalerie
Keith Busby, ‘Three Anglo-Norman Redactions of L’Ordene de Chevalerie’, Mediaeval Studies 46 (1984), 31-77.

(I) Cambridge, Gonville and Caius College, 424; s.xivm.
(II) BL, Add. 46919; s.xiv1/3.
(III) London, Society of Antiquaries, 136C; s.xiv2.

DEAF: OrdeneChevB/G/LB
Dean: 706
Notes: A-N redactions of a Continental poem.
The first eight lines of (II) were previously published in Rom 13 (XXXIX).
For an A-N copy of the Continental redaction, see Rom 15 (Gg.6.28) (II).

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Ordinances Draft

Draft version of the Ordinances of 1311
Michael Prestwich, ‘A New Version of the Ordinances of 1311’, Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research 57 (1984), 189-203 (pp. 194-203).
Dean: —
Details: Durham, Dean and Chapter Muniments, Locellus I, no. 61.
Notes: Provides variant readings from Stats i 157-67.

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Ore alom alom

A-N call to dinner in verse
Andrew Taylor, ‘The Myth of the Minstrel Manuscript’, Speculum 66 (1991), 43-73 (p. 72).
s.xiv1 (MS)
Dean: 131r

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Original Letters

Excerpt from one of Charels d’Orleans sonnets
IN: Henry Ellis, Original letters, Illustrative of English History: Including Numerous Royal Letters; from Autographs in the British Museum, and One or Two Other Collections, 2nd Series (vol. 1), London, 1827, p. 2.
Dean: —

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Orn Dames

Ornatus mulierum (Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ashmole 1470)
Pierre Ruelle, L’Ornement des Dames, Université Libre de Bruxelles: Travaux de la Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres 36, Brussels, 1967.
s.xiii; xiii2 (MS)
DEAF: OrnDamesR
Dean: 426
Notes: For the prologue, see Vernac Lit (XXXIIb).

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Orne Ps

The Orne Psalter, fragment of a prose translation of the Gallican version of the Vulgate
C. Samaran, ‘Fragment d'une traduction en prose française du Psautier’, Romania 55 (1929), 161-73.
Dean: 447
Details: Paris, Archives Nationales, AB xix, 1734, dossier Orne.
Notes: Provides parallel passages from Camb Ps and Oxf Ps1.

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Part one of a three-part sermon by Simon of Carmarthen (Oxford, Bodl. Library, Selden supra 74)
IN: Edmund Stengel, ‘Handschriftliches aus Oxford’, Zeitschrift für französische Sprache und Literatur 14 (1892), 127-60 (pp. 146-47).
Dean: 593 (I)
Notes: AND2 uses Lyric (XXX) for this text.
For parts two and three of the sermon, see Lyric (XXXIX) (in AND1 Serm simon) and Penit.

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Orth Gall

Orthographia gallica
Jacob J. Stürzinger, Orthographia gallica: Ältester Traktat über französische Aussprache und Orthographie, Altfranzösische Bibliothek 8, Heilbronn, 1884.
DEAF: OrthGallS
Dean: 287; 298
Notes: Replaced with Orth Gall ants.

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Orth Gall ANTS

Orthographia gallica
Ronald C. Johnston, Orthographia gallica, ANTS Plain Texts Series 5, London, 1987.

(I) Short Version (pp. 5-10).
(II) Long Version (pp. 11-32).
(III) French Version (pp. 33-41).

DEAF: OrthGallJ
Dean: 287
Details: (I) is based on London, Lincoln’s Inn Library Misc. 178 (i.e. MS ‘T’, s.xiv1-m); (II) is based on Cambridge, University Library, Ee.4.20 (i.e. MS ‘C’, s. xiv4/4); and (III) is based on BL, Harley 4971 (i.e. MS ‘H’, s. xiv4/4).
Variant MSS provided for all three versions: Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson C.507 (i.e. MS ‘R’, s.xiv); Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 335 (i.e. MS ‘E’, s.xv1); BL, Harley 4993 (i.e. MS ‘B’, s.xvi); Oxford, Bodleian Library Magdalen College 188 (i.e. MS ‘O’, s.xv2/4); Dublin, Trinity College 605 (i.e. MS ‘D’, s.xv2), Warminster, Longleat House, Marquess of Bath’s Libr. 37 (i.e. MS ‘L’, s.xivex).

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Orth Gall SS

Orthographia gallica
IN: William C. Bolland, ‘Of a Treatise on Medieval French Orthography’, Eyre of Kent, 6 and 7 Edward II, 1313-14, Selden Society 27, London, 1912, vol. 2, pp. xliii-li.
DEAF: OrthGall
Dean: 287
Notes: Replaced in AND1 from R onwards and in AND2 with Orth Gall ants.

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Osney and Wigmore

A-N documents concerning Edward I
Henry Richards Luard, Annales monastici, Vol. 4: Annales monasterii de Oseneia (A.D. 1016-1347), Chronicon vulgo dictum chronicon Thomae Wykes (A.D. 1066-1289), Annales prioratus de Wigornia (A.D. 1-1377), Rolls Series 36, London, 1869.
1277-92 (A-N documents)
Dean: —
Notes: A-N on pp. 272-74 (terms of peace between Llewellyn and Edward I), 507-09 (submissio of the claimants of the Scottish Crown to Edward I) and 511 (homage by Baliol, King of Scotland, to Edward I).

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Oxf Ps1

The Oxford Psalter, translation of the Gallican version of the Vulgate (together with further religious material from the same manuscripts)
IN: Francisque Michel, Libri Psalmorum versio antiqua gallica, Oxford, 1860, pp. 1-260.

(I) The Oxford Psalter , based on Oxford, Bodleian Library, Douce 320 (s.xii1; c.1145 (i.e MS ‘Ox’)), with variants from BL, Cotton Nero C.IV (i.e. MS ‘C’, s.xiim) and Paris, BN, Latin 768 (i.e. MS ‘P’, s.xii4/4)(II) Six canticles which follow the Psalter in all three MSS (pp. 232-48); Dean: 457; see also Camb Ps (II).
(III) Further religious material accompanying the psalter in MS ‘C’, with variants from MS ‘P’, including further canticles, prayers and devotional rubrics (pp. 248-60); Dean: 457; 986; see also Camb Ps (II) and Bribes (IX).

s.xii1; xiim-xiiiin (MSS)
Notes: Errata noted by Johann H. Meister, Die Flexion im Oxforder Psalter, Halle, 1877.
For a separate and more recent edition of Douce 320, see Oxf Ps ants.

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Oxf Ps2

The Oxford Psalter
MS: BL, Harley 273.
s.xiv (MS)
Dean: 445

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The Oxford Psalter, translation of the Gallican version of the Vulgate, followed by six canticles
Ian Short, The Oxford Psalter (Bodleian MS Douce 320), Anglo-Norman Text Society 72, Oxford, 2015.
s.xii1; c.1145 (MS)
Dean: 445; 457
Notes: For variant manuscripts, see Oxf Ps1 and Oxf Ps2.

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Oxford Academica

A-N documents concerning Oxford University
Henry Anstey, Munimenta Academica: Documents Illustrative of Academical Life and Studies at Oxford; Part 1, Libri Cancellarii et Procuratorum, Rolls Series 50, London, 1868.
1348-1421 (A-N documents)
Dean: —
Details: Two indentures between the University and the Town of Oxford (pp. 159-67) (1348) and (pp. 195-99) (1357) and a letter by Henry V, accompanying new statutes for the university (pp. 277-78) (1421).

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Oxford Med Arch

A-N documents from the Archives of Oxford University
Herbert E. Salter, Medieval Archives of the University of Oxford, Oxford Historical Society, Oxford, 1920.
1298-1376 (A-N documents)
Dean: —
Notes: Previously Oxford.
Contains eleven A-N documents on pp. 49-70 (1298), 143-46 (1348), 193-201 (1376), 334-41 (1348).

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