Bibliography of Anglo-Norman Primary Sources

An annotated bibliography, organized alphabetically per AND siglum/abbreviation, of all known Anglo-Norman primary sources available to the AND. Press on a letter to view the sources beginning with the letter.

References are given to Ruth J. Dean and Maureen B.M Boulton, Anglo-Norman Literature: A Guide to Texts and Manuscripts, ANTS Occasional Publications Series 3, London, 1999, and links to the DEAF open on the Complément bibliographique of the Dictionnaire Étymologique de l'Ancien Français website.


A-N copy of Le Lai de Nabaret (Cologny-Geneva, Bibl. Bodmeriana 82)
Prudence M. O'Hara Tobin, Les lais anonymes des XIIe ey XIIIe siècles. Édition critique de quelques lais bretons, Publications romanes et françaises 143, Geneva, 1976, pp. 359-64.
s.xiii4/4 (MS)
DEAF: NabaretT
Dean: 180r

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The Black Prince’s account of the Battle of Nájera, written to his wife Joan
A. E. Prince, ‘A Letter of Edward the Black Prince Describing the Battle of Nájera in 1367’, English Historical Review 41 (1926), 415-18.
Dean: —

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Navarre Letters

Two letters from Charles II of Navarre to Edward III
Edouard Perroy, ‘France, England and Navarre from 1359 to 1364’, Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research 13 (1935-36), 151-60 (pp. 153-54).
Dean: —
Details: Edinburgh University Library, Laing 351 and BL, Addit. 24062.

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Thirteen A-N documents from a variety of sources
Christopher T. Allmand, ‘Documents Relating to the Anglo-French Negotiations of 1439’, Camden Miscellany 24 (1972), 79-149.
Dean: —
Notes: Also contains Latin material.

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A-N documents relating to Sir Hugh de Nevill
M. S. Guiseppi, ‘On the Testament of Sir Hugh de Nevill’, Archaeologia 56 (1899), 351-79.

(I) The testament of Sir Hugh de Nevill (1267) (pp. 352-53).
(II) A letter from Lady Hawisa de Nevill to her son Sir Hugh (pp. 358-59).

Dean: —

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New Ross

The Walling of New Ross, a.k.a. Rithmus facture ville de Rosse (BL, Harley 913)
Hugh Shields, ‘The Walling of New Ross: a Thirteenth-century Poem in French’, Long Room 12 and 13 (1975-76), 24-33.
1265; s.xivin (MS)
Dean: 58
Notes: Replaced by Kildare Poems (II).

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Two A-N documents in the Cartulary of Newnham Priory (BL, Harley 3656)
IN: Joyce Godber, The Cartulary of Newnham Priory, Part 1, Bedfordshire Historical Society 43, Bedford, 1963, pp. 29-30 and 76-78.
1391-92 (pp. 29-30) and 1364-65 (pp. 76-78); s.xvin (MS)
Dean: —
Notes: Mainly in Latin.

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Nom & Manere

A Latin and A-N Nominale followed by a Maniere de langage from a fifteenth-century legal notebook
MS: in private possession of Prof. A. W. B. Simpson.
s.xvm (MS)
Dean: —
Notes: Transcription provided by J. H. Baker.
Replaced in AND1 from T onwards and in AND2 with Fr Voc (i.e. Baker’s edition).

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Nominale of A-N words and expressions in verse, with M.E. prose translation
IN: Walter W. Skeat, Transactions of the Philological Society 1903-06, London, 1906, pp. 1*-50*.
s.xivin; 1382 (MS)
DEAF: NominaleS
Dean: 308
Notes: Previously Nom.

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Northern Pet

Petitions from Berwick, Cumbria and Durham
Constance M. Fraser, Northern Petitions Illustrative of Life in Berwick, Cumbria and Durham in the Fourteenth Century, Surtees Society 194, London, 1981.
Dean: —
Notes: Contains mainly A-N documents.

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Northern Registers

Documents from ecclesiastical archives of Carlisle, Durham, York
James Raine, Historical Papers and Letters from the Northern Registers, Rolls Series 61, London, 1873.
1270-1377 (A-N documents)
Dean: —
Notes: A-N material on pp. 27-30 (1270), 137 (1298), 163-64 (1304?), 181 (1306), 211-12 (1312), 213-15 (1313), 224-28 (1314), 237 (1314), 246-47 (1315), 278-79 (1318), 313-14 (1322), 334-35 (1326), 339-40 (1327), 342-44 (1327), 350-51 (1327), 389 (1346), 390-92 (1347), 406-08 (1359), 412-13 (1377), 429-30 (?), 434-35 (?).

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Petitions from Northumberland
Constance M. Fraser, Ancient Petitions Relating to Northumberland, Surtees Society 176, Durham, 1966.
DEAF: FraserPet
Dean: —
Notes: Contains A-N and Latin documents.

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Norwich Leet

A-N traces in Latin legal documents from Norwich
William Hudson, Leet Jurisdiction in the City of Norwich During the XIIIth and XIVth Centuries, with a Short Notice of its Later History and Decline, from Rolls in Possession of the Corporation, Selden Society 5, London, 1892.
Dean: —
Details: Previously Norwich.

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Norwich Records

A-N Documents relating to Norwich
William Hudson and C. Tingley, The Records of the City of Norwich, 2 vols, Norwich, 1906-10.
Dean: —
Details: Vol. 1: Documents relating to the government and administration of the city, with an introductory sketch of its municipal development; vol. 2: Documents relating to the social and economic progress of the city, with an introduction.
Notes: Previously Norwich.

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Nouvelles choses

A-N vocabulary in alchemy, astrology, geometry, geography, physiognomy and geomancy
Tony Hunt, ‘L’anglo-normand novateur: de nouveaux mots pour de nouvelles choses’, in André Crépin and Jean Leclant, Approches techniques littéraires et historiques, Paris, 2012, pp. 147-57.

(I) Alchemy in BL, Sloane 1754; s.xiv (pp. 149-50); Dean: 386; 387; see Alchimie.
(II) Astrology in Cambridge, Trinity College O.5.32, 11ra-16va; s.xiv1 (pp. 150-51); Dean: 327; see Quad Herm.
(III) Geometry in Cambridge, Trinity College O.5.32, 17ra-20ra; s.xiv1 (pp. 151-52); Dean: 328; see Practica Geometriae.
(IV) Geography in Oxford, Bodleian Library, Digby 69; s.xiii2 (pp. 152-53); Dean: 331.
(Va) Geomancy in Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ashmole 398 and Digby 104; s.xvin and xivm (pp. 153-54); Dean: -; see also Future (XXXI); for excerpts from different MSS, see Pronostics (XV) and Rom 32 (O.2.5) (I).
(Vb) Physiognomy in Cambridge, University Library Gg.1.1; 1307-25 (pp. 154-55); Dean: 376; see also Rom 15 (Gg.1.1) (XXIX).
(VI) Zodiac in Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 37; s.xiv1 (pp. 156-57); Dean: 382; see Future (X) .

Notes: Lists A-N words, and provides brief excerpts.

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Nov Chir

Fragment of Novele cirurgerie (BL, Harley 2558)
Tony Hunt, ‘The Novele cirurgerie in MS London, British Library Harley 2558,’ Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie 103 (1987), 271-99.
s.xiii2 (text and base MS)
DEAF: RecMédNovCirHH
Dean: 414
Details: Provides selected variants from Oxford, Bodleian Library, Auct. F.5.31 (i.e. MS ‘A’, s.xiii2); Oxford, Bodleian Library, Bodley 761 (i.e. MS ‘B’,  c.1365); and Cambridge, Trinity College, O.2.5 (i.e. MS ‘C’, s.xivm).
Notes: Previously Chir2.
The introduction has brief excerpts from other texts found in these MSS, most notably Dean: 406 (p. 277.16) and Dean: 313 (p. 278.19) from Harley 2558.
BL, Harley 2558 is variant MS ‘H’ in Nov Chir ants.

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Nov Chir ANTS

Novele cirurgerie (Oxford, Bodl. Lib., Auct. F.5.31)
Constance B. Hieatt and Robin F. Jones, La Novele Cirurgerie, ANTS 46, London, 1990.
s.xiii2/3; xiii2 (base MS, ‘A’)
DEAF: RecMédNovCirHi
Dean: 414
Details: Provides selected variants from Oxford, Bodleian Library, Bodley 761 (i.e. MS ‘B’, c.1365); and Cambridge, Trinity College, O.2.5 (i.e. MS ‘C’, s.xivm), and the fragment BL, Harley 2558 (i.e. MS ‘H’, s.xiii2).
Notes: Previously Chir ants.
See also Rom 37 (II), Rom 32 (O.2.5) (IV) and Nov Chir for separate editions of different MSS.

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Nov Narr

Novae Narrationes, A-N manual for lawyers
Elsie Shanks and Stroud F. C. Milsom, Novae Narrationes, Selden Society 80, London, 1963.

(I) Text A: BL, Addit 37657; c.1305 (pp. 1-23).
(II) Text B: BL, Lansdowne 652; s.xiv1/4 (pp. 25-140); Provides selected variants from BL, Add. 37658 (i.e. MS ‘Add3’, a1322); Cambridge Mass. Harvard Law School, Dunn 35 (i.e. MS ‘D2’, 1327-77); Cambridge Mass. Harvard Law School, Dunn 51 (i.e. MS ‘D4’, a1349); Dublin, Trinity College E.6.5 (i.e. MS ‘E1’, 1327-77); Dublin, Trinity College G.6.8 (i.e. MS ‘G1’, s.xiv); BL, Harley 408 (i.e. MS ‘H2’, 1307-27?); BL, Harley 673 (i.e. MS ‘H3’, 1327-77); BL, Harley 667 (i.e. MS ‘H6’, 1307-27); BL, Harley 869 (i.e. MS ‘H9’, s.xiv1);  Lincoln’s Inn, Hale 139 (i.e. MS ‘Ha’, a1327); Cambridge Univ., Mm.I.30 (i.e. MS ‘Mm1’, s.xivin); Cambridge Univ., Mm.v.23 (i.e. MS ‘Mm2’, 1307-27); Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawl. C.245 (i.e. MS ‘R2’, s.xvin); Oxford, Bodleian Library, Tann. 450 (i.e. MS ‘T’, s.xiv)..
(III) Text BX: additional paragraphs from BL, Harley 869; s.xiv1/3 (p. 142).
(IV) Text C: London, Lambeth Palace, Lambeth 564; c.1310 (pp. 144-330); Provides selected variants from BL, Add. 35095 (i.e. MS ‘Add1’, a1330); BL, Add. 25029 (i.e. MS ‘Add2’, 1327-77); Cambridge Mass. Harvard Law School, Dunn 41 (i.e. MS ‘D1’, a1510); Cambridge Mass. Harvard Law School, Dunn 60 (i.e. MS ‘D3’, s.xiv1/3); Cambridge Pembroke College 271 (i.e. MS  ‘P’, s.xiv-xv) ; Cambridge Univ., Dd.VI.85 (i.e. MS ‘Dd’, a1317); Dublin, Trinity College E.5.11 (i.e. MS ‘E2’, a1413); Dublin, Trinity College F.6.5 (i.e. MS ‘F’, c.1400); Cambridge Univ., Gg.VI.7 (i.e. MS ‘Gg’, 1327-77); BL, Harley 25 (i.e. MS ‘H10’, s.xiv2/3); BL, Harley 947 (i.e. MS ‘H4’, a1335); BL, Harley 5146 (i.e. MS ‘H5’, 1483); BL, Harley 1807 (i.e. MS ‘H7’, s.xvm); BL, Harley 577 (i.e. MS ‘H8’, c.1400); BL, Lans. 475 (i.e. MS ‘L’, a1384); Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawl. C.454 (i.e. MS ‘R3’, s.xivm ); Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawl. C.459 (i.e. MS ‘R1’, 1327-77); BL, Royal 11A.VIII (i.e. MS ‘Ro’, a1330)..
(V) Text CX: additional paragraphs from BL, Harley 947 and Harley 577; s.xiv1 (pp. 332-44); Provides selected variants from Cambridge Univ., Gg.VI.17 (i.e. MS ‘Gg’, 1327-77); BL, Harley 25 (i.e. MS ‘H1’, 1327-77); BL, Harley 667 (i.e. MS ‘H6’, 1307-27).

DEAF: NovNarrS

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Nun's Tribulations

A nun’s tribulations (BL, Egerton 613)
Betty Hill, ‘British Library MS. Egerton 613 – II’, Notes and Queries 223 (1978), 492-501 (pp. 497-501).
c.1300 (MS)
Dean: 619; 777; 897; 977; 978
Notes: A-N homiletic letter, including Latin and M-E quotations.

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