Bibliography of Anglo-Norman Primary Sources

An annotated bibliography, organized alphabetically per AND siglum/abbreviation, of all known Anglo-Norman primary sources available to the AND. Press on a letter to view the sources beginning with the letter.

References are given to Ruth J. Dean and Maureen B.M Boulton, Anglo-Norman Literature: A Guide to Texts and Manuscripts, ANTS Occasional Publications Series 3, London, 1999, and links to the DEAF open on the Complément bibliographique of the Dictionnaire Étymologique de l'Ancien Français website.

Urb Court

Urbain le Courtois (Early Version) (Cambridge, University Library, Gg.1.1)
Frederic Spencer, ‘L’Apprise de nurture (Cambridge Univ. MS)’, Modern Language Notes 4 (1889), 51-53.
s.xiii2; xiv1/4 (MS)
DEAF: UrbCort1S
Dean: 231
Details: Provides variants from Oxford, Bodleian Library, Douce 210 (i.e. MS ‘D’, see Courtoisie (I) base MS) and Oxford, Bodleian Library, Bodley 9 (i.e. MS ‘C’, s.xv2/4, see Courtoisie (I) MS ‘C’). This edition’s main MS is MS ‘G’ in Courtoisie (I).  
Notes: For excerpts, see also Rom 15 (Gg.1.1) (I).
For variant MSS, see Rom 32 (O.1.17) (I) and Harley Complete (XXVIII).

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Urban Peace

A-N document from The National Archives (SC 8/60/2957)
Anthony Verduyn, ‘The Revocation of Urban Peace Commissions in 1381: The Lincoln Petition’, Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research 65 (1992), 108-11 (p. 111).
Dean: —

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A-N glosses to De Utensilibus by Adam of Petit Pont
Replaced in AND2 with TLL ii 37-62.

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