Bibliography of Anglo-Norman Primary Sources

An annotated bibliography, organized alphabetically per AND siglum/abbreviation, of all known Anglo-Norman primary sources available to the AND. Press on a letter to view the sources beginning with the letter.

References are given to Ruth J. Dean and Maureen B.M Boulton, Anglo-Norman Literature: A Guide to Texts and Manuscripts, ANTS Occasional Publications Series 3, London, 1999, and links to the DEAF open on the Complément bibliographique of the Dictionnaire Étymologique de l'Ancien Français website.

Qu Mary’s Ps

Queen Mary’s Psalter (BL, Royal 2.B.vii)
George Warner, The Queen Mary Psalter: Miniatures and Drawings by an English Artist of the Fourteenth Century, London, 1912.
Dean: 465
Notes: Facsimile edition, with transcription and translation (pp. 55-92).

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Qu Ph Roll

Queen Philippa’s Correspondence Roll (1330-36)
MS: tna C47/9/58.
Dean: —

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Quad Herm

A-N translation of the Latin Quadripertitus Hermetis by Hermes Trismegistus
Tony Hunt, ‘The Quadripertitus Hermetis in Anglo-Norman’, in Catherine M. Jones and Logan E. Whalen, ‘Li premerains vers’: Essays in Honor of Keith Busby, Amsterdam and New York, 2011, pp. 171-90.
s.xiv1 (MS)
Dean: 327
Details: Cambridge, Trinity College, O.5.32.
Notes: For a discussion of the vocabulary, see Nouvelles choses (II).
For excerpts, see also Rom 32 (O.5.32) (I)

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Quant primes

A-N lyric, Quant primes me quintey de amors (BL, Addit. 16559)
Paul Meyer, ‘Rotrouenge en quatrains’, Romania 19 (1890), 102-05.
s.xiii2 (MS)
Dean: 132

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Queen’s Account

The earliest surviving Long Roll
IN: John R. Magrath, The Queen’s College, vol. 1, Oxford, 1921, pp. 332-47 (Appendix D).
Dean: —
Notes: Latin document, which includes some vernacular vocabulary.

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Quentyses bones et esprovés, A-N cosmetic, domestic and medical receipts (Edinburgh, National Library, Adv. 18.4.9)
IN: Paul Meyer, Documents manuscrits de l’ancienne littérature de la France conservés dans les Bibliothèques de la Grande-Bretagne. Rapports à M. le Ministre de l’Instruction Publique, Paris, 1871, pp. 107-11.
s.xivin (MS)
Dean: 439

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