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Christmas 2015: Anglo-Norman words overview

2015 has been a turbulent year for the Anglo-Norman Dictionary, with the unfortunate illness and extremely sad passing away of our General Editor, Prof. David Trotter, last August.

Looking forward to a more positive 2016, the current AND team, Dr. Heather Pagan and Dr. Geert De Wilde, would like to wish our readers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

(Ranworth Antiphoner, fol 22, fifteenth century)

We will be back in January with new Anglo-Norman words of the month, but in the meantime, here’s an overview of all the vocabulary we have discussed on this blog so far, in the past 2 or 3 years. There might be one or two you’d missed?


‘nick’, nock’ and ‘notch’

The ‘Croes Naid’


‘monoceros’ and ‘unicorn’



‘noef’ and ‘novel’

Anglo-Norman sweetmeats

‘lunage’, ‘lunetus’ and ‘lunatic’

‘locust’ and ‘lobster’


‘quyne’ the ‘evil monkey’

‘herds’, ‘bevies’ and ‘sounders’



‘nice’, an Anglo-Norman insult

Anglo-Norman chess terminology

‘gagging, ‘queasy’ and ‘squeamish’


‘pedigree’, ‘pé de colum’ and ‘péage’

‘fitchews’ and ‘mitching’

‘pie’ and ‘pastry’


‘giggling’, ‘jigg(l)ing’ ‘gigolo’

‘parker’, ‘paliser’ and ‘parchementer’, Anglo-Norman surnames

The Anglo-Norman horse (part 1)

‘predire’ and ‘prediction’

The Anglo-Norman horse (part 2): horsemanship

‘lit’ and the Anglo-Norman bed

After the festive break, work will continue on the revision of P-, which we hope to publish online by the end of 2016.