[peinur] (s.xiii2)

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[peinur] (s.xiii2)

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[ FEW: 9,116b poena; Gdf: 6,79c peneor; GdfC: ; TL: 7,641 penëor; DEAF:  peine 1 (peneor); DMF:  peineur; TLF: ; OED:  piner n.1; MED:  pinere n.; DMLBS: ]
penur,  peynur;  puner  

The sense found in Continental French, ‘homme de peine, portefaix’ seems hardly relevant here, even though etymologically both words are the same: the root of poena followed by the agential -or suffix. AND1’s original definition ‘executioner’ seems unlikely, as the word glosses multatores and appears listed among types of criminals who will be punished. Variant manuscripts gloss the same Latin word as murdrus (TLL ii 101.70) and tuourus (TLL ii 121.70). The attestation from TLL ii 163 lacks any further context, except that it glosses the Latin word tortor (‘one who inflicts severe pain, tormentor, torturer’, DMLBS 3459b).

It is unclear whether the word used in Court Bar is the same. In this case an association with punir is not impossible, but seems formally unlikely (when the stem should be punis- rather than pun- followed by an agent-suffix).


1tormentor, one who inflicts severe pain (and kills)
( MS: s.xiii2 ) [...] abactores, sicarii, multatores (gloss: penurs), enectores, antropocedi fustigantur, puniantur vel capitali sententia condenentur  i 184.70 and ii 82.70
( MS: s.xiiiex )  tortor: (D) peynur  ii 163
2lawimplementpining stool, chair for public punishment
( s.xiii3/3; MS: s.xiv1/3 )  E donsque le dit Robert serra arestu [...], et s'il ne puisse trover nulls menpernours soit il mis en cieps sur .j. puner en la garde de ses veisines  103
peine#1  peiner#1  peinous  peinousement  pena  penable  penablement  penal  penalté  penance  penancerie  penant  penible  peniblement  penibleté  penif  penil#3  penissement  penitance  penitancer  penitenciel 
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