[uvule] (s.xiiim)

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[uvule] (s.xiiim)

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[ FEW: 14,90b uva; Gdf: 8,126b uvule; GdfC: ; TL: 5,711 luete (uvule); DEAF: ; DMF:  uvule; TLF:  uvule; OED:  uvula n.; MED:  uvula n.; DMLBS: 3577c uvula ]
huvel,  uvel,  uvele,  huuel (l. huvel)  

The OED is the only other dictionary also to define the word as a type of inflammation. It is considered an elliptic construction, for which no medieval attestations are provided.


1anat.uvula (fleshy extension at the back of the soft palate)
(TBD)  Partes oris sunt iste: lingua, palatum [...] uvula (glosses: huvel, uvele, uvel), gula, labra [...]  i 196.5 and ii 126.5
2med.pathol.inflammation of the uvula (?)
( MS: s.xiiim )  Olibanum [...] a vertu de conforter et de confermer [...]: il est bon encuntre les lermes des oylz e la dolur de denz e encontre le huuel (l. huvel)  87
luvete  uve#1  uvet 
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