rastuer (c.1250)

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rastuer (c.1250)


[ FEW: *10,90a *rasitoria; Gdf: ; GdfC: ; TL: ; DEAF:  rastoire (*); DMF: ; TLF: ; OED: ; MED: ; DMLBS: ]
rastouer,  rastuher,  rastuwer;  rasture;  ratuer ,  retuer  

While this rare word’s etymon is probably *rasitoria (‘streichmass’, i.e. ‘levelled measure’), there may have been some influence, semantically rather than formally, from rastellus (cf. rastel: ‘rake’).


( c.1250; MS: s.xivin )  De un rastuwer (M.E. trowhryb) le auge (M.E. the trowh) moundez (M.E. clanse)  (C) 6va
( c.1250; MS: s.xiv1/4 )  De un rasture la auge mondez  (5) 145v
( c.1250; MS: 1415-20 )  Le rastel (M.E. rake) e le rastuer (M.E. dourib) Sount divers en lur mester. [...] Kaunt le past al auge aherd, Le rastuher (M.E. þe dourib) dounkes lour serd  306 and 311
( c.1250; MS: s.xv1 )  quant le paste a l’auge se prent, De rastouer grater la comment  (O) 344rb
( MS: s.xiii-xiv )  costa: (D) un grater de pest ou le retuer  ii 131.33
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