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flete1 (1295)

[ FEW: ; Gdf: 4,31c flet 2; GdfC: ; TL: ; DEAF: ; DMF: ; TLF: ; OED:  fleet n.2; MED:  flete n.; DMLBS: 962b fleta ]
fleet,  flet  

Because of the formal similarities with flod and flote1, some confusion between these three words must have existed already in medieval times. The word flete seems to be Germanic in origin.


1marit.geog.tidal water, arm of the sea
( 1341 )  defendre .iiij. perches de terre contre les fletes de l'ewe de Humber  15 Ed III 87
( 1386 )  le pesson en la dite ewe est destruyt [...] par hebbyngnettes myses en fletes et shores  124
2toponymthe Fleet (prison in London, named after the river Fleet flowing into the Thames at this location)
( 1295 )  qe Mestre Willame [...] a tort li ad fet prisoner en fers en la prison de Flete  10
( 1310 )  Pernez cure de sun corps et menez le a la Flete  Ed II iv 196
( 1350 )  Johan Beniowe feust nadgaires ajuggez a nostre prisone de Flete par cause d'une bille suspectiouse  443
( 1388 )  il fuit commys en garde de Fleet  12 Rich II 5
aler a Flete
1to be imprisoned
( 1319 )  elisez le quel vous voletz aler a Flete ou qe l'assise seyt agardé  Ed II xxiv 32
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