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tref2 (1121-25)


[FEW: 17,640a *trabo; Gdf: 8,35a tref; GdfC: ; TL: 10,566 tref 2; DEAF:  tref 2; DMF:  tref 2; TLF: ; OED: ; MED:  trief n.; DMLBS: ]
treefe,  treff,  treif;  trief,  tré  613 tree  1435 tresne (l. trefve)  iii 46
pl. trés,  triés  

While in the first edition of the AND tref1 and tref2 were treated as one entry, they have now been separated on the basis of etymology: *TRABO (‘tent/sail’) versus TRABS (‘beam/pole’). One group of senses (‘mast’ and ‘ship’) remains problematic. Firstly, ‘mast’ can be interpreted both as a semantically more specific application of ‘beam/pole’ (tref1) or as a metonymic use of ‘sail’ (tref2). Secondly, when used as a synecdoche in ‘ship’, the association may both be with the ‘mast’ or the ‘sail’ as terms to represent the whole ship. There is no conclusive answer to these overlaps, but both senses have been included in tref1.


1tent, pavilion
( 1121-25; MS: s.xiv1 ) Al port lur ad un tref tendud  826
( c.1170; MS: s.xiiiex ) Trefs e aukubes ont lors tendu par ces prez  1335
( 1190-1210; MS: c.1300 ) En vostre triés ci vus tenez Que vus hors ne vus en issez  6029
( s.xiii1/3; MS: s.xivin ) Brutus chevalche al tref le rei  409
( s.xiii1; MS: s.xiv2 ) Cum noz pavilluns e noz trefs erent esdrecez [...]  405
2ship.sail of a ship
( s.xii2/4; MS: s.xiii2/4 ) De totes parz la mer l’asalt. Rompent cordes, li trés lor falt  76
( s.xii3/3; MS: s.xiiim ) Vente li venz ki fert el tref, Grant aleure veit la nef  917
( s.xiiex; MS: s.xiii3/3 ) Li notiner alent lur treff e desancrent cele nef  71
( 1338 ) .iiij. haucers, .v. trusseux, la bonet del trief, le trief del batell, et tote les autres biens et chateux  ii 100
( c.1365 ) ne veullent avaller et abbesser leurs trefs (var. (S: c.1430-40) triefs ) ou commandement du lieutenant du roy  130
( 1409-11 ) un trief ové .ij. bonetz, un rakke, .viij. hedropes, .ij. forsteys, .ij. baksteys, un cable usez [...]  iii 39
( c.1300 ) De la rule de seel =roll of sail et de tref .ij. d.  ii 14
teile a trefs
( s.xivin; MS: s.xiv1/3 ) de teyle a treefes [...] seyt nule custume prise  192
a (plein) tref
1ship.under full sail
( 1150-70; MS: 1225-1300 ) Trenche la mer ové sa nef, Vers Engletere a plein tref  2587
( 1190-1210; MS: c.1300 ) tant ont siglé a plein trief Ke en Peitou sunt arivé  7554
( c.1235; MS: c.1235 ) Of bon vent curent a plein tref Tant k’a port venent  60.289r
acuillir le vent au tref
lever (sun (etc.)) tref
turner le tref vers set sail for
( c.1230; MS: 1275-85 ) Europe avum passé suef, Vers Aufrike turnum le tref  1194
traver#1  traveter 
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