sovener1 (1163-70)

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sovener1 (1163-70)


[FEW: *12,333 subinde; Gdf: ; GdfC: ; TL: ; DEAF:  sovent (sovenele); DMF: ; TLF: ; OED: ; MED: ; DMLBS: ]
souvenir;  sovenel,  sovenier,  sovenir;  sovenner;  sovernel;  suvenel,  suvener,  suvenir;  suvernel,  sevenere  ii 102.73
f. suverene  (A) 8.3.8 sovereyne  (B) 41.15.18 soverreyne  (B) 7.3.8  

This adjective is attested only in Anglo-Norman, and is apparently a derivative of sovent1 (from Latin subinde), similar to Continental French souvendier2. Formally, the word overlaps with the subvenire word family (cf. the adjective sovenier 1), and arguably some of its attestations may also be interpreted as such (e.g. the editor of S Edw1 translates it as ‘qui se souvient’). Furthermore, as in Mirour Egl, the word seems to have caused confusion with soverein.


1frequent, regular
( 1163-70; MS: s.xiii2 ) Qu’ore m’aidez a cest mestier Od voz almones suveneres  5061
( MS: s.xiii1 ) frequentem ablutionem: suvenir lavement  i 185.73 and ii 102.73
( 1260-70; MS: s.xiv1 ) face sovernele Confessiun  9819
( s.xiii3/4; MS: s.xiii3/4 ) Si sunt les paisanz ke sunt mananz pres des munz plusurs de eus enflez desuz la gorge pur le sovener beivre de freides euues ke sunt desgelees e de neif  17
( s.xivin; MS: s.xivm ) tant qe la dame fust vencue par soverene  (ms. sovenere) (var. (B: c.1330) sovernele ) request  100 (MS)
( 1327 ) damages qe il ont eux par les soveneres venuz des enemys d’Escoce  193
( 1327-77 ) eiant regard [...] de ceo qe la dite commune est molt enpoveri, par soverneles chivachés, venues et demoeres des grantz  ii 417
( MS: 1419 ) [...] par sovener remuement dez viscountz et des baillifs  379
sovenerement  sovent#1  soventement  soventre#1  sover  soverement 
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