nuius (s.xiiim)

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nuius (s.xiiim)

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[ FEW: *4,702b inodiare; Gdf: ; GdfC: ; TL: ; DEAF: ; DMF: ; TLF: ; OED:  noyous a.; MED:  nious a.; DMLBS: ]
noius;  nuyeus,  nuyous,  nuyus  

The word is an aphetic form of anuius, derived from Latin in odio. This omission of the first syllable only seems to have happened in Anglo-Norman, and consequently in English. In addition, the formation and/or senses of the word may have been influenced by nuisirand nuisous.

The second sense, ‘capable of suffering (?)’, suggested by the editor of Evang1, remains problematic, in that it is a) not found in any other dictionaries, b) contrary to the word’s main sense of causing harm or irritation.


1annoying, causing vexation
( c.1230; MS: s.xiiim )  Kar fel esteit a demesure, Orguillus de sa porture, Estut, noisus sanz mesure (var. noius de sa parlure (W)MS: s.xivin)  8511 (var.)
( 1390-1412; MS: s.xv1 )  vous serez aussi lasse de sa compaignie et nuyeuse pursuite comme nous avons esté  435.17
2capable of suffering (?)
( s.xiiim; MS: s.xiv1 )  Tant cum il (=J.C.) esteit plus nuyus, Si fu sa mort plus anguissus (var. Et tant come il ert plus vyfs Ert sa mort plus grefs (R)MS: s.xiv1/4)  177
anuius  ennoier  ennui  nui  nuiable  nuiance  nuier 
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