sudement (s.xii1)

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sudement (s.xii1)


[ FEW: 12,336b subitus; Gdf: 7,994b soudement; GdfC: ; TL: 9,701 sode 1 (sodement); DEAF:  sode (sodement); DMF:  soudement; TLF: ; OED: ; MED: ; DMLBS: 3240c subitus ]
sodement,  soudement;  suddement  

FEW and TL consider sodeement and sodement as deriving from different etymologies: sodeement from subitare, sodement from subitus. Also, Gdf separates soudemeent and soudeement as two different entries. The DMF notes several instances of soudement in its corpus and just one for soude, but not one of soudee or soudeement. The distinction is maintained between sudement and sudeement here, but unaccented spelling variants under sudement may well be read as accented and be interpreted as variants of sudeement.


1 suddenly, unexpectedly
( s.xii1; MS: 1155-60 )  Seient cunfundu e seient conturbé forment tuit mi enemi, seient returné e seient cunfundut suddement  7.VI.10
( c.1136-65; MS: c.1200 )  Altresi morent sodement Jovencelx come vielle gent  9831
( 1171-74; MS: c.1200 )  Pere, quant vus partistes del regne sudement  3186
( 1212; MS: 1212-13 )  soudément vint une piere [...] Qui l'asommot al haterel  2485
( 1214; MS: 1214-16 )  As genitaires e as nages Soudement les prist a ferir  759
( MS: s.xiiiex )  ) ja oisel nen ert si sain Se hom irus l’a en sa main, [...] E sodement ert grevez S’il a furmage manié U novelment ait ail mangé  72.703
( MS: c.1325 )  A emflure des oys e des autrez membres sudement surevenaunt  30.2C29
sudain  sudainement  sude  sudee  sudement  sudusement 
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