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[socket] (s.xiii1)


[ FEW: *12,381b *succos; Gdf: 7,493a souchet2; GdfC: ; TL: 9,851 soquet; DEAF: ; DMF:  souchet3; TLF: ; OED:  socket n.; MED:  soket n.1; DMLBS: 3109c socetus ]
soket,  sochek  

Sochek seems to be a variant of soket; the final -k can be a mark of a misreading of -t for -c and a scribal indication of the final sound [k]. Ms Oxford, St John's College 178 is the only one of the Gloss Nequam tradition to present sochek as a gloss for vomis/vomer, all the other manuscripts use soc to translate this Latin term. However, another manuscript of the tradition includes the form soket (Ms London, Wellcome Historical Medical Library, 801A), but it glosses the word dentale and not vomis/vomer (TLL ii 116). The form soket suggests a diminutive form of 'soc', registered by GDf, DMF and TL and defined as 'plougshare/petit soc'. The glosses of ms Oxford, St John's College 178 support that definition. MED and OED suggest a secondary meaning as 'hollow part or piece into which an object fits'. This sense seems to correspond to the definition of the Latin 'dentale' as a 'share-beam of a plough' (DMLBS 612c). Therefore, in the 13th c., 'soket' seems to refer to various parts of a plough. By the 15th century, the semantic field of the word had broadened, through metonymy, to refer to other metal objects.


1 implementagricultural ploughshare
( MS: s.xiii1 )  vomis : sochek; vomer: soc, sochek  253.162
2 implementagricultural share-beam of plough
( MS: s.xiii )  dentale: dental s. soket (Latin: subponatur dentale quo vomis vel vomer infigatur)  ii 116
3 object resembling of a ploughshare
( 1411-12 )   un clef al porte ové un soket de fere  1411-12
soc#1  socelle  socker 
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