portable (s.xiiiex)

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portable (s.xiiiex)

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[ FEW: 9,208a portare; Gdf: 6,312b portable; GdfC: 10,379b portable; TL: 7,1576 portable; DEAF:  porter (portable); DMF:  portable; TLF:  portable; OED:  portable a. and n.; MED:  portable a.; DMLBS: 2352c portabilis ]
portabel,  portible  

The exceptional substantival use of this word is found only once in a vernacular gloss to the Latin term gerulus in John of Garland’s Unus Omnium (where any context is lacking). Its definition (and grammatical categorisation) is debatable, but mirrors that of the Latin word gerulus (DMLBS 1071c).


1portable, that can be carried or transported
( c.1334; MS: s.xivm )  Jabel [...] controeva primes tentes et pavillons portables  5.6
(that can be) carried (in pregnancy)
( c.1360-79; MS: s.xivex )  O Jhesu, [...] en ta divinité Ne poont estre si privé Comme celle (=BVM) en qui tu es portable  29821
( s.xiiiex; MS: s.xiv1/3 )  Naam mort [...] n’est mie portable ne chaceable hors del fieu  71
2bearable, endurable, sustainable
( 1372 )  soient les mesons ensi devenues es mains du Roi lessees [...] a persones engleys, en fee, au a terme de vie, pur la ferme anciene, ou pur meindre ferme portable  iii 967
( 1380 )  qe rienz ne y feust demandez forsqe ce qe feust portable a la comune  iii 89.12
( 1382 )  Le roi voet qe ses chanceller, tresorer et gardein du privé seal [...] ent facent tielle et si bone et hastive ordinance come mieltz lour semblera affaire qe soit portable  iii 146.13
lit portable
nient portable
nun portable


1bearer, carrier, porter (?)
( MS: s.xiiiex )  gerulus: portable  ii 163
aportable  deportable  emportable#1  emportable#2  nientportable  nunportable  port#2  portage  portance  portatif  porté#1  portelof  portemartel  portement  porteose  portepain  portepes  porter#2  porteresse  porteure#1  portur#1  porture#1  supportable 
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