ordesce (s.xiii1)

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ordesce (s.xiii1)

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[ FEW: 4,487a horridus; Gdf: 5,617b ordesce; GdfC: ; TL: ; DEAF:  ort 1 (ordece); DMF: ; TLF: ; OED: ; MED: ; DMLBS: ]

No Anglo-Norman attestations have been found for the literal sense of the word, i.e. ‘dirtiness, filthiness’. The construction ord followed by the suffix -esce is even rarer in Continental French (with only one attestation in Godefroy from Aimé’s mid-fourteenth-century Ystoire de li Normant).


1fig.that which is (morally) vile, base, despicable
( s.xiii1; MS: s.xiii4/4 )  Et il fist tut jurs mauveisté E de ordesce et de peché  3639
( s.xiii2/4; MS: s.xiii2 )  Kar il set ke [...] E si reset ke n'est ordesce, Pecché ne vice [...]  5260
ord  ordeé#1  ordeiement  ordeier  ordement  order  ordure#1 
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