cardinal (1140-1160)

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cardinal (1140-1160)

[ FEW: 2/i,365a cardinalis; Gdf: ; GdfC: 8,428b cardinal; TL: ; DEAF: ; DMF:  cardinal 2; TLF:  cardinal 1; OED:  cardinal adj. / cardinal n.; MED:  cardinal adj. / cardinal n.; DMLBS: 281a cardinalis ]
cardenal,  cardinall;  chardenal,  chardinal;  kardynal,  cardonal,  cardunal,  chardunal; 
pl. cardinalx,  cardinaus,  chardinaux  


1statuscardinal, principal
( s.xiii2/4; MS: s.xiiim )  Dé quatre vertuz chardinales  2.24
( 1267; MS: c.1300 )  Les katre cardinaus (=virtues) sunt numez […] force e temperance, dreiture e cointise  5647
diacne cardinal
1 eccl.occupationstatustitle cardinal deacon, one of the fourteen deacons who, together with six bishops and fifty priests, constitute the Pope’s council
( 1140-1160; MS: 1140-1160 )  Icest privilege fud dunét al Latran par la main Haimeri le diacne chardunal  270.4.76
( 1214; MS: 1214-16 )  Si l’ordenot erraument lors Setme deiacre chardenal  695
eveske cardinal
1 eccl.occupationstatustitle cardinal bishop, one of the six bishops who, together with fourteen deacons and fifty priests, constitute the Pope’s council
( c.1334; MS: s.xivm )  fu fait evesqe cardinal A.  306.7
prestre cardinal


1eccl.statustitleoccupationcardinal, leading member of the clergy
( 1163-70; MS: s.xiii2 )  Mandat evesques e abez […] Dunc sunt li cardunal venu  5695
( s.xiii2/4; MS: s.xiii2 )  Papes, cardinals, arceveskes, […]  8037
( c.1275; MS: s.xiii4/4 )  Frere Bonaventure, le bon devin, Ke fu mynistre meneral Dé menurs e pus kardynal  970
( 1285-1330 )  le Pape et les chardinaux  393.29
college des cardinals
1eccl.sacred College, College of Cardinals (who constitute the Pope's council, and who elect to the papacy from their own number)
( 1407 )  au fin que vous puissez savoir si le college des cardinalx veullent proceder a l’election du pape future  ii 142
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