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French materials from Memorials of the Church of SS. Peter and Wilfrid, Ripon

Edited by Joseph T. Fowler
vols 1 and 2, Durham, Surtees Society 1882 and 1886. 1882,1886
Genre: Legal, Administrative and Diplomatic
AND Bibliography: Ripon

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Preface to Volume 1

The present volume is a first instalment of what is intended as a pretty complete collection of original materials for the history of the Church of Ripon and its dependent foundations up to the middle of the sixteenth century, so far as they can be obtained. The Excerpts are, as will be seen, mostly from printed sources, but as there is so little to be found about Ripon in the works of our historians and chroniclers, it has seemed worth while to bring that little together. Among these will be found some important extracts from printed and unprinted rolls at the Public Record Office, mostly relating to the privileges of the Archbishops of York in Ripon and in other places. It is impossible to know when such a collection is complete, and absolute completeness is not claimed for this one. But it is hoped that those who are interested in the history of Ripon will here find an acceptable catena of authorities, and the editor will be glad to hear if there be any important omissions. Those omitted passages which have been discovered already, are given in the Appendix, and others might be supplied in an appendix to Volume II.

The collection of MSS. in the possession of the Chapter is lamentably small. The Act Book of 1452-1506 has been printed in the present series, vol. lxiv. The original charters are only the leavings of some one in the last century, who copied the best he could find into a book now in the possession of T. S. Darnbrough, Esq., referred to in this volume as DARNBROUGH MS. The charters selected for this purpose

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seem never to have been returned, for they cannot be found. They are now printed from the Darnbrough MS., together with the original charters still extant, all of which have more or less of at least local interest. The few Ripon charters printed by Dugdale have also disappeared, but are here reprinted by way of making the collection as complete as possible. A small bullarium will be found after the grants to the church, pp. 110-119. The rest of the charters then follow, together with other original documents, classified according to subjects. The existing materials relating to the hospitals are chiefly to be found in the rolls at the Public Record Office, where they have been entered in connection with lawsuits and royal visitations. One of the most important of these was unfortunately overlooked until it was too late to print it in its proper place; it will be found in the Appendix, p. 322. As to the Sanctuary Records, see p. 310, note 1.

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Preface to Volume 2

This volume consists of two distinct parts, viz. the extracts from the Archbishops' registers at York, and the Fasti Riponienses. The former were undertaken some time ago at the suggestion of Canon Raine; whose intimate acquaintance with the registers enabled him to say with confidence that much might be found in them which would be of great interest in connection with the Church of Ripon. To go through all the likely portions of the registers, and extract the portions that seemed suitable for our purpose, was a work of some weeks of close application day by day, and after all it is quite likely that some matters of great interest may have been missed. It is hoped, however, that what is here presented will be thought by many members of the Surtees Society to fully justify all the labour and expense of collecting and printing. To attempt any complete analysis of the miscellaneous materials for Ripon history now made public for the first time would be almost superfluous. Anyone running his eye along the side-notes or the columns of the index, both of which have been made as complete as possible, may see that we have here much that throws additional light not only on Ripon Church history and social life, but is of interest in connection with the history of the Church of England and even of the country.

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Rolls of Parliament, 3 Hen. V. vol. iv. p. 85 (Roll. 82, xxv.).

A. D. 1415.Pur l'Ercevesq. d Everwyk. (Bowet.) Item supplient les Communes, pus Henry Archiveqe d'Euerwyk, que come le Roy Adelston jadys Roy d'Engleterre, devaunt le conquest, quaunt il prist une voiage vers l'Escoce pur conquerer la droit de sa Corone d'Engleterre, illoeques

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promyst et avowa a Dieu, et Seint Johan de Beuerley, predecessour a dit suppliant, que si Dieu luy durroit bone esploit en son dit voiage, la victorie de sez enemys d'Escoce, q ïl voudroit endower l'Esglises d'Euerwyk, Beuerley, et Rypon', des Libertees et Fraunchises profitables pur toutz jours adurers; le quell Roy Adelston, par la grace de Dieu eu la victorie de sez ditz enemys d'Escoce, et bone esploite solonque son desire demesne, apres sa revenue en Engleterre, en accomplissement de son dit avowe, graunta a Dieu et Seint Johan de Beuerley, entre autres la fraunchise et libertee q'ensuyt en cestes paroles As free mak I the, as hert may thynk, or eygh may see. Et auxi entre autres Libertees et Fraunchises is bien par les Roys d'Engleterre devaunt le conquest, come par les tres nobles progenitours nostre, dit Seignieur le Roy jadys Roys d'Engleterre puis le conquest, grauntez as predecessours du dit suppliant, il y a tielle libertee et fraunchise; c'est assavoir, que l'Ercheveqe d'Euerwyk duyst avoir sez terres en Beuerley si fraunchement, que null Ministre d'ascun Roy d'Engleterre mesmes les terres duist entrer a ascun office a Roy appartenant excercer, et que l Esglise de Seint Johan de Beuerley averoit sa pees deins les boundes de son Seigneurie illoeques nome sa leuge, et de mesme la pees defoule l'amendement. Et que toutz les Archevesques d'Euerwyk serroient illoeques defoutz le Roy, mayntenours et protectours, issint que nully ascune poaire illoeques excerceroit forsque les ditz Archevesques: par force de quelles articles, les predecessours du dit suppliant, de temps dount memorie ne court et devaunt, ount eu a Beuerley, et Rypon', Tourne de Viscount, et tout ceo que a celle appartient, et ount faitz, et usez de faire lour Baillifs et Officers deins mesmes les fraunchises, pus garder la pees, et avoir correction et punissement de toutz maners felonies, maffaitz, mesprisions, trespasses, et extorsions, et toutz autres causes deins les ditz fraunchises emergeantz. Et cont eu les amercementz, et issues, et profytz, fynes, chateux de futyves, et de felons, a lour oeps demesne, et toutz maners profitz de tiele correction' et punisment, emexgeantz en la fraunchise suis dit. Et ore tarde nostre dit Seignieur le Roy, par sez lettres patentz, ad graunte, as certeins persones, lour nommantz, xii Governours ou Gardeins de la dite ville de Beuerley, et a les Burgeys et Communaltee de mesme le ville, per suggestione faite a son hautesse, sur lour subtiltee et ymagination pensez, pus desheriter sa Esglise d'Everwyk, q'ils et lour heirs et successours pus le temps

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esteantz, ou quatre, trois, ou deux de les pluis discretes et sufficiantz persones d'iceux, deussent avoir pur toutz fours plein correccion', punisment, poaire, et auctorite, a conostre, enquerrer, oier et terminer toutz choses et matiers, si bien de toutz felonies, trespasses, mesprisions, et extorcions, come de toutz autres choses et quereles queconques deins la dite ville de Beuerley, et la purcinct de la libertee d'icelle, en queconque manere emergeantz, auxi pleinement et entierment come les Gardeins de la pees, et les Justices as felonies, trespasses, et autres maffaitz, oier et terminer, assignez ou assigners, et les Justices des laborers, servauntz, et artificers, en l'Eestrythyng en le Counte d'Euerwyk, hors de ville, purcinct, et libertee avaunt ditz lors avoient, ou en temps adonques a venir averoient, et qu'ils, lour heirs et successours, eient a toutz jours, a lour oeps demesne, toutz maners fynes, amercementz, issues, et autres profitz queconques ent provenantz, a lever et receyver par lour officers; si come en les ditz lettres patentz est contenuz pluis au pleyn: par force de quelles lettres patentz, issint faitz as ditz Governours ou Gardeyns, Burgeys, et Cominaltee, le dit suppliant est destourbe issint qu'il ne poet user et rejoier sez libertees et fraunchisez, grauntez a sez dits predecessours come desuis est dit. Que pleise a son tres haut et tres gracious Seignieurie par l'assent des Seigneurs Espirituelx et Temporelx en cest present Parlement, de confermer et ratifier, ove clause de licet, a dit suppliant, et sez successours, lour ditz privileges, fraunchises, et libertees, ensemblement ove toutz autres privileges, libertees, et fraunchises grauntez par sez progenitours et predecessours Roys d'Engleterre, as predecessours de dit suppliant; non obstantz ascunes interruptions faitz par les Ministres Roialx, ou autres, encountre les privileges, libertees, et fraunchises suis nomez, en especial ou general, ou ascun d'iceux; combien que le dit suppliant, ou ascun de ses predecessours, les ditz privileges, libertees, et fraunchises, ou ascun d'icelles, ad mesusez ou non usez devaunt ces heures: et outre ceo, de sa tres habondant grace, par auctorite de cest present Parlement, de repeller et adnuller les ditz lettres patentz, as ceux Governours ou Gardeins, Burgeys, et Communalte, quant a toutz les articles suis nomez, et de graunter auxi, que les ditz lettres patentz, per maundement du Roy, soient apportez en sa Chauncellarie, par y estre, ovesque l'enrollement d'icelles, dampnez et cancellez quaunt a toutz les articles suis ditz. Considerant, tres gracious Seigneur, que vostre graciouse

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victorie et gracious escomfiture par la grace de Dieu ore tarde a vous, tres soverain Seigneur, sur voz enemys de Fraunce estoient faitz, le jour de la Translation du dit glorious Confessour Seint John.


Le Roy voet, de l'assent des Seignieurs Espirituels et Temporels en cest present Parlement esteantz, et a l'especiale request de la communalte de son Roialme en mesme le Parlement, que Henry Arcevesque d'Euerwyk, par auctorite de mesme le Parlement, eit confirmation, ove clause de licet, si bien de les privileges, fraunchises, et libertees comprisez deinz ceste supplication, come de toutz autres privileges, franchises, et libertees grauntez par les progenitours et predecessours de nostre dit Seignieur le Roy, jadys Roys d'Engleterre, as predecessours du dit Archevesque, non obstantz ascunes interruptions faitz par les Ministres Roialx, ou autres, encontre les privileges, franchises, et libertees du dit Archevesque, en especiale ou generale, ou ascun d'iceux, combien que le dit Archevesque, ou ascun de ses predecessours, les ditz privileges, franchises, et libertees, ou ascun d'ycelles, out mesusez ou non usez devant ces heures: et que les lettres patentes as ditz Governours ou Gardeins, de la ville de Beuerley, Burgeys et Cominalte de mesme la ville, lour heirs et successours, Governours ou Gardiens, Burgeys et Cominalte du dite ville, dont cest supplication fait mention, par auctoritee de mesme le Parlement, qant a touz les articles nommez en mesme la supplication, soient repellez et adnullez pur touz jours; et que mesmes les lettres patentes, per mandement du Roy, soient apportez en sa Chauncellerie, pur y estre, ovesque l'enrollement d'icelles, dampnez et cancellez qant a toutz les articles suis ditz. 1 [1] Ripon does not figure much in later mediæval history, but some valuable documents will be found in the extracts from the registers of the Archbishops of York (now for the most part printed for the first time) in a subsequent portion of the present volume. See too Plumpton Correspondence, Camd. Soc., pp. liv.-lxii.1_328

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(Reg. Test. Ebor. ii, 510)

In Dei Nomine, Amen. xxiijo die mensis Aprilis, Anno Domini Millesimo cccco xxvijo, ego Johannes Ely de Mepehale, vicarius in ecclesia collegia Ripon', compos mentis et sanae memoriae, videns michi mortis periculum im(m)inere, condo et ordino testamentum meum in hunc modum.


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Item, lego Marioriae sorori mei meum lectum optimum, videlicet unum coopertorium de bukesyn cum tribus curtynges de eadem, j tapetum, ij lodices, ij lintheamina, j canvas, j pilwer, j selour, j togam rubeam non paenulatum, cum capucio de eadem, j zonam argentam secundam cum cultello deargententato, ij andenas, j patellam, j lavacrum pendens, j chawfer, par forci

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um, j skwnet, d[em]i dus' garnes de vesell de pewdre cum ij chargiours.


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THE series of Archbishops' Registers at York is complete from A.D. 1225 to the present time, with the exception of a break of ten years after the death of Archbishop Gray in 1255. The first, that of Archbishop Gray, is contained in two rolls called major and minor, a description of which will be found in Canon Raine's Preface to his edition of it. Surtees Soc. vol. lvi. The rest are in folio volumes, some of which are very bulky, written on vellum. The present series of notes and extracts has been made with especial reference to the Collegiate Church and the Hospitals of Ripon; but much will be found to illustrate the secular jurisdiction of the Archbishops in that ancient Liberty. No attempt has been made to include all the collations, etc., recorded in the Registers and noted by Torre.

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REGISTER OF ABP. MELTON. 1 [1] Archbishop Melton's Register is a noble volume of 585 leaves of vellum; size 14¼ inches by 91½, and 5¼ thick. The following table of its contents will give some idea of their nature and arrangement: Intrinseca cameræ, fo. 1-65 v. Capitula, 66-122. Archidiaconatus Ebor. 123-223 v. Cliveland, 224-265 v. Estriding, 266-330. Notingham, 331-398. Ballivæ Beverl., Sherburn, Rypon, Suwell, Glouc,, Hestoldesham, 399-441 v. Archid. Richem. 442-457 v. De Suffraganeis, 458-480. Spiritualitates Howden, Howdenshire, Allerton, et Allertonshire, 481-494. De diversis literis, 495-551 v. Officialitas Ebor. 552-563. Extra dioec. 564-592. De homagiis et fidelitatibus, 593-595 v. See further in Fasti Ebor., where brief extracts from this and other Registers are given.2_95 A.D. 1317-1340.

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[f.424] A.D. 1327. Oct. 16.Commissio ad levandum homines contra Scottos, infra libertatem et ballivam Rypon'.

Willelmus, etc., Waltero de Kerby, Willelmo de Slyngesby et Johanni Clotherom, vel eorum duobus, salutem, graciam, et benediccionem. Cum jam dominus noster rex Angl. illustris, propter diversa nova quæ sibi indies de adventu Scotorum inimicorum et rebellium suorum et regni Angliæ obveniunt, jam per totum comitatum Ebor., et eciam usque partes March' fecerit publice proclamari, quod quilibet dominus, temporalia habens, gentes et homines sui dominii faciat quamcicius poterit arrayari ad resistendum et refrænant dum cum Dei adjutorio maliciam inimicorum prædictorum, super quo idem dominus noster rex nobis per literas suas mandavit, firmiter injungendo, in fide et dileccione quibus sibi tenemur, quod nos assignare faceremus aliquos de melioribus et magis sufficientibus qui sunt de dominio nostro ad arrayandum gentes et homines nostros de dominio nostro, ita quod prompti et parati secundum formam dictæ proclamacionis, ad eundum, et proficiscendum cum eodem domino rege, seu aliis quos loco suo assignare voluerit, ad resistendum et refrænandum Scotorum maliciam, sicut prædictum est. Quocirca vobis vel vestrum duobus committimus et mandamus, vos rogamus 1 [1] Should be rogantes.2_96 quatinus vos vel duo vestrum gentes et homines nostros infra ballivam nostram Ripon' ad arma portanda habiles et sufficientes arrayetis, ita quod parati sint et sufficienter muniti ad proficiscendum cum dicto domino nostro rege, seu deputandis per ipsum; cum super hoc fuerint requisiti, ad faciendum quod superius est expressum. In cujus rei testimonium literas vobis et duobus vestrum fieri fecimus has patentes. Dat. apud Thorp' prope Ebor. xvijo Kal'n. Novembr. Anno graciæ et pont. prox. supradictis.

Item alia Beverl' hic est annexa.

Et memorandum quod eisdem die et anno emanavit consimilis commissio Thomæ Dryng, Willelmo de Bendeston', et Ricardo Dousyng, pro libertate Beuerl'.

The original Writ of Privy Seal here inserted in the register.

Edward par la grace de Dieu Roi Dengleterre, Seigneur Dirlaunde, et Ducs Daquit. a lonurable piere en Dieu, W. par la meisme grace Ercevesque D. 2 [2] D[euerwyk]2_96 […] Dengleterre salutz. Por sodeines et chargeantes nouelles que nous venent de jour en autre de la venue de noz enemys Descoce que nous sourvenent asseier […] auoms fait faire crie parmij le Counte Deuerwyk et devers la marche que chescun seigneur face arraier les gentz de sa seigneurye pour rester la malice de noz […] si vous mandoms

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et chargeoms sur la foy et lamiste que vous nous deuez quer deinz voz terres dedeinz le dit Counte et devers le North facez assigner des […] suffisanz que y sont pour arraier le poeple dedeinz vostre seigneurye selonc la dite crie, sique ils soient prestez daler ouesque nous ou ove autre, que nous plerra […] lieu a rebouter la malice de noz enemis auantditz. Et ceste chose, sicome vous amez le honeur de nous et la sauvete de nostre roialme et de nostre poeple, […] ne lessez. Done souz nostre priue seal a Notyngham le xj iour de Octobre lan de nostre regne primer.

In dorso.

[W.] par la soeffrance de Dieu Erceuesque Deuerwyk Primas Dengleterre, a Thomas Dryng nostre Baillif de Beuerleu saluz. Nous receumes le bref […] le Roi, le jour de la fesance de cestes souz le tenour qensuyt. Edward, etc. vt infra.

Perquei nous vous mandoms et chargeoms […] come nous poems que vous facez du dit bref bone et hastive execucion de noz gentz deinz vostre baillie, et ce ne lessez en nulle manere et vous en auerez fait nous certefiez duement si en haste come vous purrez. a Dieu . Doñ a Euerwyk, le xv jour Octobre, lan de nostre […]

Et memorandum quod consimiles literæ emanarunt dicto xv die Octobris Ballivis de . . Shirbourn, de Hextildesham et de […] pro execucione consimili facienda.

Mark of circular seal in red wax, diam. 1⅛ inch. The fore-edge is worn and soiled so as to be illegible.

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[f.42] Certificatorium permutacionis ecclesiæ de Deppyng Linc. et canonicatus et præbendæ de Geuendale alias Shelton in ecclesia collegiata Ripon'.

Application having been made to Philip bp. of Lincoln by Henry abp. of York, for exchange between Hugo Hanworth, Rector ecclesiæ parochialis de Depyng Sancti Guthlaci vestræ, et magister Georgius de Mondell de Mediolano, canonicus eccl. nostræ coll. Ripon' ac præbendarius præbendæ de Geuendale, alias dictæ Skelton in eadem, nostra dioecesis, a certificate is given, sub sigillo nostro in castro nostro de' Sleford, 19 Apr. 1409.

[f.19v] A.D. 1409. Nov. 2.Nota de terris ad seignioriam de Ripon' spectancium.

1 [1] In the separate volume de expeditis extra diæcesim.2_145 A touz y ceux que cestes noz lettres verrount ou orrount, Henry, par la grace de Dieu, lerchevesque deuerwyk, primat Dengleterre, salutz en Dieu. Sachez nous avoir grante et a ferme lesse a Richard Norton certeins croftes de terre, pree et pasture, appelles Dypplyngholme, Penycroft, Pittes, et Blakmanpottez, oue lour appourtenances, deins nostre seignieurie de Rypon. A avoir et tenir, au dit Richard, ses heires, et executours, de le fest de Seint Martyn prochein apres la date di cestes, tanque al fyne de quarant ans adonqs procheins, ensuantz. Rendant ent a nous et a noz successours annuelment, cessant trois soultz et quater deniers as festes de Pentecost et Seint Martyn par ouelx porcions. Et auxint avons graunte au dit Richard, ses heires, et executours, qils purront couper tout le boys cressant deins les ditz croftes forspris keynes, si bien pour hayes, pour enclosers affaire comme pour arder, et autres lour necessaries de husbandrie affaire, durant le terme sur dit. Et par cause que nulle maner de boys est cressant deins le dit croft appele Penycroft, nous avons graunte per icestes que le dit Richard avera subboys deinz nostre boys appele Staynlaycomun, per livere de nostre forester illoqs, pour encloser le dit Penycroft. Et auxint que le dit Richard pourra estubber la brussett despynez cressantz deinz Blakmanpottes

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pour la fesaunte illoqs de pree et pasture, et en tesmoignaunce de quelle chose a y ceste noz lettres patentz avons mys nostre seal. Don[e] secound jour de Novembre, en nostre hostell juxt Westm. lan du reigne le Roy Henry quart puis le conquest unsisme.

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