square (s.xii2)

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square (s.xii2)


[FEW: *2,1396a quadrare; Gdf: ; GdfC: ; TL: ; DEAF:  escarrer (*); DMF: ; TLF: ; OED:  square a. / square n.; MED:  squar(e a. / squar(e n.; DMLBS: ]
squar,  squarie,  squarre,  squarrie;  squir,  squyr  


1(M.E.?)  square, having a square shape
( 1397 ) .ij. longes quyssons et .iiij. squares quyssons du suyte  289
( 1415 ) Un rounde saler d’argent ennorrés parcelles et chacés [...], ovec un squar saler d’argent ennorrés parcelles ovec le covercle  95
( 1423 ) .i. covercle d'un square saler, saunz topet  iv 424.403
pé square
1geometrysquare foot, area of a square with sides of one foot in length
( 1378 ) serront mesmes les turretz chescune de sys pedz squarre deins l’embataillement  458
( 1381 ) .liij. corbelz .i. pee squarre  462


1 build. implement builder’s square, tool for measuring or setting out right angles
( MS: s.xiii2 ) amussis: gallice squir  i 149
( 1377-82 ) .iij. feers a le manere des squyrs  E101/547/21/7
a square
1geometrysquarely, over a square surface
( s.xii2; MS: s.xii3/3 ) (the entrance to Solomon’s temple) fud cuverte d’or tut a riule e a squarie  125.35
esquarre  quarré  sqward 
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