spectacle (s.xiii1)

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spectacle (s.xiii1)


[FEW: 12,159a spectaculum; Gdf: 7,571a spectacle; GdfC: 10,708b spectacle; TL: 9,1038 spectacle; DEAF:  specacle; DMF:  spectacle 1; TLF:  spectacle; OED:  spectacle n.1; MED:  spectacle n.; DMLBS: 3149a spectaculum]


1spectacle, visual display to be marvelled at
( s.xiii2/4; MS: s.xivin ) Spectacle  (ms. Scriptacle) (Latin: Spectaculum) sumes a cest mound Et as Dieu aungeles et as humes. A trestouz a mervaille sumes  536
( s.xiv2; MS: c.1400 ) pur grant profit vraiment ou benurté ils amesnent chacer, ové lez oicelx de ciel jeuer, et lez [j]eus  (ms. lieus) et spectacules entreestre (Latin: Pro magno siquidem commodo sive beatitudine ducunt venari, avibus celi ludere, [i]ocis et spectaculis interesse)  55
2implementeye-glass, lens for assisting vision
( MS: s.xiii1 ) Scriptor [...] cavillam et spectaculum (gloss: spectacle) habeat, ne ob errorem moram faciat disspendiosam  i 189.168 and ii 106.168
espectacle  spectant 
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