sole1 (c.1240)

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sole1 (c.1240)


[FEW: 12,40b solea; Gdf: 7,453c sole 2; GdfC: 10,682b sole; TL: 9,791 sole; DEAF:  sole; DMF:  sole; TLF:  sole 1 / sole 4; OED:  sole n.1 / sole n.2; MED:  sole n.; DMLBS: 3115b solea]
soel,  soole,  siole 61 sulle, solis  

The sense of 'sole of foot' and 'flatfish' were split into separate entries in AND1. As both senses derive from the same etymon, the entries have been joined together.

MED entry sil(le n. ('beam') includes a variant sulle so the citation from TLL may represent a Middle English gloss. However, the sense in Middle English does not seem to refer to ceiling rafters.


1footwearcostumesole of shoe
( s.xiii1/3 ; MS: s.xivin )  dedenz sa bote l'out muscé =knife Entre la sole e son pé  4995
( c.1240; MS: s.xiii3/4 )  Puis si pernez l'escor[c]e des chasteinez e l'escorce cucurbite e vielz soles  (ms. solos) e peiz grec e metez sur les carbuns alum  i 82
( 1409 )  bien lyrra =it will be permitted a les ditz overours de veill’ quier de clouter veilles botes et veilles solers ové novell’ quier sur les veilles soles  MS 7363
2ich.zool.sole, flatfish of the genus Solea
( c.1250; MS: s.xv1 )  Merlin, plais, planton soole de mier  (O) 336
( s.xivin; MS: s.xiv1/3 )  playz, sooles, floundres  102
( 1396; MS: s.xivex )  perches, soles, plaiz  43.33
3 coll.archit. beams, rafters
( MS: s.xiiiex )  In aula mea hec feci architectari: trapetas, solivas gloss: (C) sulle, les solives, lacunaria [...]  i 202.79 and ii 143.79
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