sclice (s.xiii1)

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sclice (s.xiii1)


[ FEW: 17,152a *slitan; Gdf: ; GdfC: 9,111b clisse; TL: 2,481 clice 1; DEAF:  sclice; DMF:  clisse; TLF:  clisse; OED:  slice n.1; MED:  slice n.; DMLBS: ]
clice,  clise;  sclise,  sklise,  sonse  

The interpretation of sonse as a scribal error for sclice is suggested by the editor of TLL (ii 53.n141).


1 splinter, fragment (?)
( MS: s.xiii )  Scindila flammantes: (A) sonses ardosz  ii 53.91
2 implement spatula, flat utensil for stirring or turning
( MS: s.xiii1 )  spatula: le clice (l. l’eclice?)  ii 103.159
( MS: s.xiii/xiv )  cum lignea spata: (D*) ou le clise (l. l’eclice?) de fusz, espeye de fust (var. (C: s.xiiiex) speye, esclyce)  ii 139.67
( 1423 )  Item, .j. fryngpanne, .j. sklise, et .j. ladell d'argent, pois ensemble .iij. livres .vj. unces  iv 222.302
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