rine (s.xiv)

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The form ryne is a cross reference to the following entry:

rine (s.xiv)


[ FEW: 16,743a rum; Gdf: 7,266a run 1; GdfC: ; TL: 8,1551 run; DEAF:  run; DMF:  run; TLF: ; OED: ; MED: ; DMLBS: ]

The Middle English equivalent word, derived from the same Germanic etymon but having developed a different sense (‘room in a building’), was also borrowed in Anglo-Norman, cf. roome. The nautical sense, however, is present in romnaile, which is, presumably an (at least partially) English word whose only attestation is in an Anglo-Norman context.


1ship.storage place in a boat’s hull
( s.xiv )  Et lour doit le mestre monstrer l[our] rynes  (ms. ryves) et lour leyre, et y poet mettre en peysaunt de son mareage ches[cun]  ii 86
( s.xiv )  Et il doit le mestre monstrer lour rives (l. rines) et lour leire  iii 24
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