[revoler]1 (1120-40)

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[revoler]1 (1120-40)


[ FEW: 14,217b velle; Gdf: ; GdfC: 10,573c revoloir; TL: 8,1247 revoloir; DEAF:  voloir (revoloir); DMF:  revouloir; TLF: ; OED: ; MED: ; DMLBS: ]
revoleir,  revuleir  


1(+inf.) to wish, want (again)
( MS: 1120-40 )  D'icest' honur nem revoil ancumbrer  188
( c.1170; MS: c.s.xiiim )  des or mei est a vis que jo ai bien sorjornez; Si revoil errer [...] Pur Rigmel amener  5010
( c.1185; MS: s.xiii1/3 )  La damoisele, od mon espoir, Revoudroit mult a son voloir Son amy aver e tenir  12310
( s.xiiim; MS: s.xiiim )  d'espines e de runces fu cil champ tot plein [...] Puis revuleit celui regainer sa culture  1691
2(+inf.) to wish in turn
( c.1136-65; MS: c.1200 )  Cez esamples revoil gloser E senefiance mostrer  10319
( c.1185; MS: s.xiiim )  Hue de Rotelande dit Qui traiter revolt cest escrit  2
( s.xiiiin; MS: s.xiii2/4 )  E cil qui pruvat Abraham Revout assaer seint Johan  1499
( s.xiii; MS: s.xiiiex )  De un altre giu revoil parler  12.139
( MS: s.xiiiex )  Mustrer revol du[n]c enferté Que li plusur apelent ré  72.721
3(+inf.) to wish as well
( s.xiiex; MS: s.xiiim )  uns evesques [...] A ses parenz [...] Done provendes e arcediacnez. E si revolt a la fiee vendre [...]  465
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