resuager (c.1185)

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resuager (c.1185)


[ FEW: 12,325a *suaviare; Gdf: 7,100a resoagier; GdfC: ; TL: 8,1077 ressöagier; DEAF:  soagier (*); DMF: ; TLF: ; OED: ; MED: ; DMLBS: ]
resoaiger,  resuagier,  reswager  

In AND1, a form rasoiaiger was listed as a variant spelling. On etymological grounds (re + asuager vs. re + suager) such a form would require a separate AND entry. Unfortunately, at the present time no supporting attestation (on which to base such an entry) can be traced.


1to alleviate, assuage again
( s.xiiim; MS: s.xiiiex )  Gagate [...] Enflez resuage, les denz raferme, [...]  93.669
( c.1300; MS: s.xiv2/4 )  Lors me covent mettre cure Que sa peyne luy reswage, Car il serreit grant outrage Quant il se met de moy server, Si jeo luy lessase morir  608
2to calm down, soothe again
( s.xiii1/3; MS: s.xiiim )  Amur, mis m'as el quer la rage, Un sul petit me resuage, Que me puisse reposer  394


1to abate, calm down
( c.1185; MS: s.xiii1/3 )  Li turmenz =storm at sea est resuagiez  420
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