(resource) (c.1292)

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(resource) (c.1292)


[ FEW: 10,327b resurgere; Gdf: 7,106b resource; GdfC: ; TL: 8,1031 resorse; DEAF:  resordre (resorse); DMF:  ressource; TLF:  ressource; OED:  resource n.; MED: ; DMLBS: ]

The word, as attested in britt, is presumably a ghost. Semantically, the word appears to be entirely unrelated to a potential resurgere etymon (which produced English resource and Continental French ressource), and is most likely a misreading of resourte – with a confusion of c and t in thirteenth-century handwriting – to be added to resort1. Such an interpretation is not possible for the variant reading reçours in MS (C). However, that variant may be read as a form of recurs1, albeit with an equally problematic semantic shift. The word, as found in Continental French and Early Modern English, does not appear to be attested in Anglo-Norman.


1lawresort, passing of an inheritance from a later to an earlier generation because of the absence of direct heirs
( c.1292; MS: c.1300 )  ne deit hom mie counter en ceo play par descente ne par resource (var. resort (A)MS: s.xiv;  reçours (C)MS: s.xiv1/3)   i 204.15
( c.1292; MS: s.xivin )  La nature del plee de cosinage sert a fere conustre les descentes et les resortes (var. resources (M)MS: s.xivin) ausi bien de la dreite line cum des lines traverseles  ii 166.5 (var.)
resort#1  resurdre 
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