regibber (s.xiiiin)

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regibber (s.xiiiin)


[ FEW: 4,131b gib-; Gdf: 6,741a regibant; GdfC: 10,522c regimber; TL: 8,615 regiber; DEAF: G689 giber (regiber); DMF:  regimber; TLF:  regimber; OED:  regibbe; MED:  regiben v.; DMLBS: ]
regiber,  regieber,  regiwer  

While Modern English has the verb jib v.2 (i.e. ‘to baulk, refuse to move forwards’), the word is only attested from the nineteenth century, and, according to the OED (first edition, 1901) is etymologically unrelated to regibber.


1equit.(of a horse) to baulk and kick backwards
( s.xiiiin; MS: c.1300 )  Il vint en le estable, si le wlt mounter; Le destrer li veit, si prent a regibber  (B) 1024
( MS: s.xiiim )  Nunc de equis [...] Repedare: regibber  i 425.394
( s.xiiiex; MS: s.xivin )  Si tost come la char =the flesh ad son voloir, ele regibbe meintenant sicome grasse jumente et oisuse  113.16
( c.1334; MS: s.xivm )  nul chival la voleit porter cele part, mes regibberent  275.30
( c.1378; MS: s.xivex )  A Saul Dieus disoit ce point Que d’aguilloun contre le point C’est dure chose a regibber  2355

1equit.(of a horse) baulking and kicking backwards
( MS: s.xiiiex )  Equitaturus [...] [e]quo insideat neque succussanti, neque cesspitanti, neque recalcitranti gloss: (C) regibbaunt, wynsand (var. regibant (D)MS: s.xiii-xiv) (var. regiebant (L)MS: s.xiii) [...] sed bene ambulanti  ii 67.63
( s.xivin; MS: s.xivm )  le beof est trop hurtant e le chival trop regiwant et le leverer trop rechinant  78
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