raine1 (s.xii1)

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raine1 (s.xii1)


[ FEW: 10,51b rana; Gdf: ; GdfC: 10,475c raine; TL: 8,202 raine; DEAF:  raine; DMF:  raine; TLF:  raine; OED: ; MED: ; DMLBS: 2652c rana 1 ]
rane,  rayne;  reene,  reigne,  reine,  reinne,  rene,  reyne;  roine,  royne,  raina  i 25  

The sense ‘toad’ is most likely produced by the erroneous use of the word in English with the sense ‘frog’, cf. OED toad n. sense 2.


1zool.amph.frog, Rana temporaria
( s.xii1; MS: c.1140 )  Forsmist la terre d'els raines es cambres des reis meesmes  106.CIV.28
( s.xii3/4; MS: s.xiv2 )  Les crepaus e les raines e ly limaçon  5970
( s.xiiiin; MS: s.xiii3/4 )  Reinnes, culovres out assemblez  2056
( MS: c.1250 )  De animalibus silvestribus: [...] Hec rana: reine; Hec lacerta: lesarde [...]  i 419
( c.1270; MS: s.xivin )  Trois orz espiriz que isserent, Lesqueus a roines (vars. reins (P)MS: 1315-25) resemblerent  997
( s.xivin; MS: 1382 )  Et en ray est pris la rayne (M.E. In the nette [is] takun a froske)  333
zool.amph.(also glossed, probably erroneously as) toad, Bufo vulgaris
( s.xvin; MS: s.xv1 )  roigne (M.E. a quene) sed royne (M.E. a tadde)  115.13
rainile  ranoile  ranoiler 
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