rade2 (c.1136-65)

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rade2 (c.1136-65)


[ FEW: 10,66a rapidus; Gdf: 6,544a rade; GdfC: ; TL: 8,152 rade; DEAF:  rade 1; DMF:  rade 1; TLF: ; OED:  rad a.1 and adv. / rathe a.1; MED:  rad(e a.1 / rathe a.; DMLBS: ]
radde,  raedde,  raide;  red,  redde  

Despite a different etymon and core sense, the word seem to have interchanged with red1 (from Latin rigidus: ‘stiff, rigid’). The two AND entries have been distinguished primarily on the basis of semantics rather than form. The OED (Third Edition, 2008) proposes an alternative etymology, not from Latin rapidus, but from an unspecified Germanic root, related to Old English hræd.


1fast-moving, swift
( 1190-1210; MS: c.1300 )  Del cheval, sire, vus guardez Qu’en cest besung mult bon l’eez, Ke il soit redde e grant e fort [...]  18617
( 1302 )  un molyn [...] aquel cel ewe soleyt coure, par quel ewe le molyn fut le plus redde  30-31 Ed I 41
geog.marit.fast-flowing, rapid, with a strong current
( c.1136-65; MS: c.1200 )  Lor corages vunt arosant, E lor ordeez eslavant, Ke sis esmundet lor doctrine, Come doit =stream rade de cretine  10710
( s.xii3/4; MS: s.xiv2 )  L'ewe fu bien redde, corante vers la mer  2783
( s.xii3/4; MS: c.1310 )  Mult fu [...] L'ewe briuante (var. (P: 1310) rade) qe l'en ne l[a] put passer  2773 (var.)
( c.1200; MS: s.xiv2 )  En bras de mer parfund se met, Red e parfund esteit li guez  603
( c.1235; MS: c.1235 )  l'ewe ki ert parfunde e raedde a flot briant  790
lawprompt, speedy
( 1283 )  Marchauntz, qi avaunt ces houres unt presté lur aver a diverse genz, sunt cheuz en poverté, pur ceo qe il n'i aveit pas si redde ley purvewe  i 53
( 1353 )  soit hastif et redde procés fait devers lui de jour en jour et de heure en heure  ii 247
raddur  radement 
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