pouf (1419)

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The form puffe is a cross reference to the following entry:

pouf (1419)

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[ FEW: ; Gdf: ; GdfC: ; TL: ; DEAF:  pouf; DMF: ; TLF: ; OED:  puff n. and a.; MED:  puf n.; DMLBS: ]

Although the citation refers to the word as a type of ‘panis fraunceis’, the word is purely English in origin, and may ultimately be considered Middle English rather than Anglo-Norman. However, further vernacular words in the same Lib Alb Latin context are Anglo-Norman. The word is attested a second time about a decade later, in Feast Menus, where English lexis frequently seems to be used in an Anglo-Norman context.


1culin.'puff bread’, a light kind of bread or cake
( MS: 1419 )  De pane levi qui dicutur ‘puffe’. Panis levis, qui dicitur ‘pouf’ mercatoriis, debet esse de eodem bultello et pondere quo watsellus panis dominicus, qui dicitur ‘demeine’ [...]. Item, in eodem libro [...] sic: Consideratum fuit [...] quod, panis fraunceis qui dicitur ‘pouf’, quod sit de eodem bultello quo wastellus est [...]  353
( 1427-28; MS: s.xv )  .j. cold bakemetz, pain puffez, .j. sotilté de Seint Johan  247a.iii
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