primerole (s.xii2)

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primerole (s.xii2)

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[ FEW: 9,379a primarius; Gdf: 6,406a primerole; GdfC: ; TL: 7,1856 primerole; DEAF:  premier (primerole); DMF:  primerole; TLF:  primevère (primerole); OED:  primerole n.; MED:  primerol(e n.; DMLBS: ]
premerol,  premerole,  premeroll;  primirole,  primrol,  primorele;  prymerole; 
pl. primerolis,  premeroel  ii 142.76
pl. primereloy  ii 5  

Etymologically both primerole and primevere are terms for plants flowering early in spring. They have been used, somewhat interchangeably (for confusion of primerole, primerose and primevoire, see TL 7.1856-58), with reference to both ‘primrose’ and ‘cowslip’. The English lexeme primrose, which is perhaps a later alteration of primerole (cf. OED primrose n. and a.), is also found in Continental French, but, despite being listed as a spelling variant of primerole in AND1, no Anglo-Norman attestation has been located.


1bot.primrose, Primula vulgaris, plant with pale yellow or pink flowers
( MS: s.xii2 )  [A]ccipe [...] ache, primorele, fevrefuie  65.8
( s.xiii2/3; MS: s.xiiim )  La primerole seit triblee Par sei sur la verge posee  828
( c.1290; MS: s.xivin )  coyller primerole Pur fere chapeus a clers d’escole Ke par bost de frivole (M.E. of ydel words) [...] Sevent attrere femme fole  462
( 1273-82; MS: s.xivex )  La lievre en qui ‘Jhesu’ se vole Vaint en odor la premerole  3814
( MS: c.1400 )  Pernez la primirole e le ardez  70.T6
2bot.cowslip, Primula veris, herbaceous plant of the primrose family with yellow flowers
( s.xiii2; MS: c.1400 )  Primula veris, prima rosa, gallice et anglice primerole  146
( MS: c.1300 )  Primula veris: (A2) gallice premerol  214
( MS: c.1340 )  Herba paralisis: (B2) gallice primerole, anglice couslop  137
3bot.pimpernel, Anagallis arvensis, plant with red, purplish-red or white flowers
( MS: s.xiii/xiv ) pimpinella: (D*) primerole (var. (L: s.xiii) premeroel;  (C: s.xiiiex) pimpernele )  ii 142.76
primerole de herber
1bot.primrose (?)
( MS: c.1300 )  por parlesie: Pernez [...], primerole de herber, planteine, gupillere. i. foxesglove, pelusee  317.24
primerole de pré
1bot. cowslip (?)
( MS: c.1300 )  por parlesie: Pernez ambrosie. i. sauge salvage, primerole de pré, [...]  317.24
primerole salvage
( c.1300; MS: s.xivin )  A meme ceo versét le jus de heyre terrestre en l'orayle de la contrere partye ou le jus de primerole savage .i. kousleppe  ii 158
prime#1  primevere 
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