[poiner]1 (s.xii3/4)

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[poiner]1 (s.xii3/4)

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[ FEW: 9,515b pugnus; Gdf: ; GdfC: ; TL: ; DEAF:  poing (*); DMF: ; TLF: ; OED: ; MED: ; DMLBS: ]
poigner,  poignier,  poinner,  poygnier;  puigner  

Possibly an aphetic use of empoigner, or a verbal derivation of poin1 without a direct Latin verbal counterpart. The sense ‘to place one’s hand on’ in A-N Med is problematic, and alternative interpretations are poindre1 (‘to prick’) or even Middle English poinen v. (‘to stitch’). The Latin source text does not have this phrase, ‘poigniez la veine’. Since the context has the patient instructed to place his hand and fingers on his nose and face, the use of the verb related to poin1 (‘fist, hand’) may make best sense. However, the attestation remains ambiguous.


1to grasp, hold in one’s hand
( MS: s.xv )  E fetez pelettes ataunt gros com vous poyez poygnier e puis lessyez estre .v. jours  67.15
2to place one’s hand on (?)
( c.1240; MS: s.xiii3/4 )  [S]i les oiz rogissent de sanc u de aucune autre achaisun, issi que li oil soient enflé, u si tei[e] i est, tailliez la veine del frunt e li malade en maniere de chevest[r]e mette sa main el sumet de sun nés e de cele part que la main est jointe al braz e u li greingnur doit poeet sur le frunt atendre, poigniez la veine, mes qu'il ait desainz la teste rese  i 55.xxxiii
3to buffet, strike with the fist
( s.xii3/4; MS: s.xiv2 )  vos comant qe pris seit e batuz [...], Poigné (var. Poinné (C)MS: s.xiiim; Puigné (P)MS: c.1310) sur les oreilles, le chef en croiz tonduz  1527
empoigner  poin#1  poinal  poiné#1  poinel  poinet  poinoun 
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