ostriz1 (s.xiiiex)

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ostriz1 (s.xiiiex)

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[ FEW: 12,309b struthio; Gdf: ; GdfC: 8,243c autruche; TL: 6,1397 ostruce /6,1398 ostruz; DEAF:  ostruce; DMF:  autruche; TLF:  autruche; OED:  ostrich n. and a. / ostrich feather n. / ostrich plume n.; MED:  ostrich(e. n.1 / ostriche fether n.; DMLBS: 2067c ostrica ]
osteriz;  ostriche,  ostrige;  ostruce,  ostrus,  ostruse,  ostruz;  oustrich,  esterich,  ostriu,  ostur  

In Leviticus, the ostrich is listed among the unclean birds that should not be eaten. The TLL citations gloss this passage from the Bible. The gloss ostur is probably an error (see ostur1) – not uncommon in medieval times, cf. MED ostrich(e n.1, sense 4. On the difficulties of the taxonomy of medieval bird-names, see David Trotter, ‘Tote manere d’oiseaus: Les noms d’oiseaux en Anglo-Normand’, Cahiers de Lexocologie 103 (2013), 125-43.


1orn.zool.ostrich, large flightless African bird with a long neck and long legs
( MS: s.xiiiex )  strutio: (A) ostriz (var. (B: s.xiii1) ostriu; (Ba: s.xiiiex) ostrus; (C: s.xiii/xiv) ostur; (E: s.xiii) ostruce; (H: s.xiiim) ostruz; (L: s.xiii) osteriz)  i 237
( s.xiiiex; MS: 1307-15 )  Li ostriz [...] e ceus autres granz oisseaus e pessanz font grant semblant de voler e batent lur eles mes les pez les treent tut dis a la terre  224.31
( c.1300; MS: s.xivm )  Naam: ostruce, un oisel  356
( MS: s.xiv )  struccio: (C) ostruz (var. (G: s.xiiiex) ostriz)  i 241
plume d'ostriz
1decor.orn.anat.(representation of) an ostrich feather
( 1375 )  un hanap [...] ové un pomel esnamaillez de noir ové plumes d'esterych  ii 278
( a.1382 )  les testes saunz bacynetz covertz od chaplets od plumes de ostriges et de tartres  37.5
( 1397 )  et en chescun pipe deux plumes d'oustrich blankes  i 227.6
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