lunal (1113-19)

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lunal (1113-19)


[ FEW: 5,447b luna; Gdf: 5,53b lunal; GdfC: ; TL: 5,732 lunal 1, lunal 2; DEAF:  lunal; DMF:  lunal; TLF: ; OED: ; MED: ; DMLBS: ]


1astron.lunar, of the moon
( 1113-19; MS: s.xii3/3 )  la fin Del lunal eclipsin  2754


1astron.lunar cycle
( 1113-19; MS: s.xii3/3 )  Les epactes pernez, As regulers justez Dunt ci devant traitai Que 'lunals' apellai, De an en an cum eles vunt E cum eus lur curs funt  3176
lunal reguler
1timeastron.lunar regular, number (of days) associated with a given month that forms the basis of calculating the phase of the moon on the first day of that month
( 1113-19; MS: s.xii3/3 )   ore voil cumencer Içoe dum vol traiter, E capitles poser [...] Del lunal reguler, Des epactes truver  197
( 1113-19; MS: s.xii3/3 )   E tut tens vunt curant Des que a marz de devant Les lunals regulers  3219
lune  luner 
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