grucer (c.1165)

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grucer (c.1165)


[ FEW: 16,90b *grogatjan; Gdf: 4,369a groucier; GdfC: ; TL: 4,679 grocier; DEAF: G1428 grocier; DMF:  grocer; TLF: ; OED:  grutch v.; MED:  grucchen v.; DMLBS: ]
grucher,  grucier,  gruscer;  grocer,  groscer,  grocier,  grocher;  groucer,  grousser;  glucer,  cruser  (L) 207 gruzanz  

The group of words around grucer and its various and quite numerous derivatives has been discussed by W. Rothwell in "The Legacy of Anglo-French: faux amis in French and English, Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie 109 (1993), 16-46 (pp. 30-31 and n.61). This article is available on the AND site under "Articles on Anglo-Norman topics". The OED derives the verb to grutch from grucer; relevant also are English to grouse and the later to grouch (a later form of grutch). Of grouse, OED notes, rather oddly, "Origin unknown. The word has a curious resemblance to Norman French dialect groucer = Old French groucier, grousser". The entry dates from 1900. The first attestation given for to grouse is 1887.

v.a. begrudge
( s.xivin; MS: s.xiv1 )  Meis jeo pri Marie la dulce ke sa bonté point me grouce  25.494

v.n. grouse, grumble
( c.1165; MS: s.xiii2 )  N’i ot si hardi forestier Ki cuntredire l’en osast Ne ja une feiz en grusçat  156.40
( s.xiiex; MS: s.xiii4/4 )  Si vus me voliez marier, Jeo n’en devreie pas grucier (var. (L: c.1335) corucer)  694
( s.xiii1; MS: s.xiiim )  Pur quei ne vus despendi jo es mesaisez de ma avarice gruçant (var. (P: 1230-50) grundilanz)  i 27
( s.xiii2; MS: s.xiii2 )  ceo est male chose de grucer e de murmurer pur suffreite u pur duresce de viande  271
( MS: s.xiii2 ) Hume ki en seignie gruce, D’aveu ne red [...] se curuce  347
( s.xiiiex; MS: 1307-15 )  ne pur nule autre chose ke lour desplust ne murmurassent ne ne groussasent (var. (BN: s.xivin) groscasssent)  208.10
( s.xivin; MS: s.xivm )  Et poynt ne groussent de la duresce qe il lur fest en ceste vie  116
( c.1334; MS: s.xivm )  grucherent countre Dieux  69.15


1to complain
( s.xivin; MS: s.xivm )  Un prodhomme [...] feseit ses boefs trere hors les fienz de sa boeverie. De ceo se grousserent les beofs, e diseient a lur seignur [...]  154


( s.xiiex; MS: s.xiiiex )  Vilein oblie sun grucer Quant chen ne set mes rechiner  66
( c.1360-79; MS: s.xivex )  Unques Danger fuist ne serra Amé, qu'il unques nul ama, Car Groucer, ly vilain failly, De son consail toutdis esta  2313


( s.xiiiin; MS: s.xiii2/4 )  Pardun avrunt de lur pechiez Quant cuntre Deu ne en sunt gruciez  5818
estre gruçant vers
1to grumble at
( c.1200; MS: s.xiii3/4 )  Iloc refist Moisés ovoc son frere L'ewe duce saillir de la rochere As fiz Jacob que sunt vers eus grusçant (var. (E: s.xiiim) gruzanz ; (C: s.xiii2) guisçant) t Pur ceo qu'il n'unt de l'ewe a lur talant  (B) 2800
grucer a (+inf.)
1to grudge
( 1306 )  les autris grucerent a fer homage  310
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