gerdyngge (1312-13)

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gerdyngge (1312-13)


[ FEW: ; Gdf: ; GdfC: ; TL: ; DEAF: ; DMF: ; TLF: ; OED:  girding n.1; MED:  girding(e ger.1; DMLBS: 1077b girdingum ]
gordyng,  gyrdingge, 
pl. girdinez  


1ship.buntline, girthing, girding (a rope fitting that served to gather up and bring under control the body and/or the leeches of the sail when furling it)
( 1312-13 )  En .ij. gyrdingges .xiij. s. .iiij. d. En .ij. lyftes .xiij. s. En .ij. gerderopes .vj. s .viiij. d.  iii 30
( 1347-60 )  Et a P. L. Mestre de la J. deux schetes, deux bowelines [...] deux yseropes, deux gerdyngges, un hauncer pur le bat  E 101/25/32
( 1373 )  .ij. coupl’ bakstiez, .ij. girdinez, .iij. cranelynz  iii 153
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