croce (1121-25)

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croce (1121-25)

[ FEW: 16,397b *krôk; Gdf: ; GdfC: 9,251c croc; TL: 2,1066 croc; DEAF:  croc 2; DMF:  croc 1; TLF:  croc; OED:  crook n. and adj.; MED:  crok n.; DMLBS: 520b crocus 2 ]
croc,  croche,  crocke,  crok,  croke,  crokke;  crook;  cros,  crosse;  croz,  crohc  ii 89.158 crozce  4v  


1hook, crook
( MS: s.xiii2 )  hamus: croc  i 159
( MS: s.xiiiex )  Carucarii reparant diversa instrumenta aratri =of the pough, s. stivam et trabem, [...] uncos gloss: (C) crocs (var. (D*: s.xiii/xiv) crokis ) et cultros, vomeres, tribulas vel marras [...]  i 199.47 and ii 136.49
( MS: s.xvm )  un crook : a flesshehoke  173
domestic pot-hook
( MS: s.xii/xiii )  in a kitchen: ferreus arpax: (T) croc  ii 47.87
( MS: s.xiii2 )  In quoquina sit [...]. Item sint ibi olle, tripodes [...], pilus, contus, uncus gloss: (C) croc (var. (L: s.xiii/xiv) havet), cacabus [...]  i 181.60 and ii 65.60
( 1396; MS: s.xv1 )  (for the kitchen:) voil que vous achatez dressours, poz d’aresme, […], crokes […]  5.26
fishingpot stirrer (?)
( MS: s.xiii1 )  In quoquina sit mensula, [..]. Item sint ibi olle, tripodes [...], pilus, contus gloss: croc, uncus, cacabus [...]  i 181.60 and ii 96.60
( MS: s.xiii1 )  contus: (J) crok (var. (R: s.xiii1) movur)  239
weaponsweapon with a curved piece of metal or hook, billhook, grappling iron, etc.
( 1121-25; MS: s.xiv1 )  Vit venir deiables [...] E venent dreit a cel dolent; Salt l'uns avant, al croc le prent  1468
( s.xii3/4; MS: s.xiv2 )  E les homes armez as croks e as brans  4852
( s.xiii1; MS: s.xiii1 )  Les debles […] del (l. de) lur cros les demaglerent  683
( 1271-72; MS: s.xiii4/4 )  tenanz lor espeies ou lur croks hors des gaingnes  21.6
2eccl.crozier, bishop's staff
( c.1136-65; MS: c.1200 )  (prelacy) Od columbine piteiance Traiet del croc a penitance, E od serpentine justise Ost od sun pic feluns d’eglise  11530
( MS: s.xiii2 )  pedum: hec cambuca, -ce est croce episcopi  ii 24.1773
( 1312; MS: s.xiv1 )  Jeo solei porter croz (var. (U: s.xiv1/4) crotz; (R: s.xiv1) croce; (T: s.xiv2) croiz) e mitre  163
( 1459-60 )  in una illorum imprimatur una mitra et in altero .j. croche  88
3strategem, trick (of the Devil)
( s.xiiiex; MS: 1307-15 )  ses (=the Devil’s) souduians turs […] sé violens crocs e totes ses mauveitez  34.11
croce a pastur
1games'shepherd’s crook', ball game played with a crooked stick
( MS: c.1250 )  Tunc de ludis. [...] Hoc pedum: croche a pastur  i 413
croce de fer
1 domestic pot-hook
( MS: s.xiii )  in the kitchen: ferreus arpax: (A) croc de fer (var. (D: s.xiii/xiv) havés; (L: s.xiiiex) croc de fere; (O: s.xii/xiii) croc )  ii 47.87
weaponsweapon with a curved piece of metal or hook, billhook, grappling iron, etc.
( s.xiii; MS: s.xiv2/4 )  furches e croke de feer ardaunt  207
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