bordun (s.xii/xiii)

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bordun (s.xii/xiii)

[ FEW: 1,631b *burd-; Gdf: 1,688b bordon 2; GdfC: 8,342a bordon 2; TL: 1,1070 bordon 2; DEAF:  bordon 2; DMF:  bourdon 2; TLF:  bourdon 2; OED:  bourdon | burdoun n.2; MED:  burdoun n.2; DMLBS: 225b burdo 3 ]
burdon,  burdoun,  burdun  


1 zool.horsesmammalslivestock mule, equine hybrid from crossing a donkey with a horse
( MS: s.xiii2 )  [Habet etiam} oves, boves, capras [...] arietes, verveces, multonesm ciciros, burdones gloss: burdones: bordunz [...]  i 186.160 and ii 89.160
( MS: s.xiiiex ) Transitum feci hodie per campum, in quo vidi animalia ista: boves et oves [...] cum equabus et equis, cum mulis, burdones gloss: C) burdounz (var. (D: s.xiii/xiv) burdons;  (D*: s.xiii/xiv) burduns ) et asinos et asinas [...]  i 202.73 and ii 141.73
2zool.insectsdrone, buzzing insect (used with reference to bumblebee, caterpillar, locust, gadfly etc.)
( MS: s.xii/xiii )  insidias muscarum, cinifum, locustrarum, brucorum gloss: de borduns, cullicum [...]  i 186.159 and ii 89.159
( MS: s.xiii )  asilus gallice: (C) burdun (var. (T: s.xiii/xiv) taun)  ii 31
( MS: s.xiii/xiv )  brucorum: (L) burduns (var. (D: s.xiii/xiv) anglice dranis;  (C: s.xiii2) anglice catepeluz )  i 75.159
3musicsounddrone, bass tone
( 1267; MS: c.1300 )  Les essais et les burduns De ces treis (=diapason, etc.) unt ausi les suens  6789
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