AND = The Anglo-Norman Dictionary
AND1 = The Anglo-Norman Dictionary, first edition
AND2 = The Anglo-Norman Dictionary, second edition
MHRA = The Modern Humanities Research Association.

All rights in the substantive content of AND1 (including those appertaining to digital as well as print publication) are owned by the MHRA. AND1 entries appear on this site with the kind permission of the MHRA, and on the basis of that permission they may be viewed and searched here. Any copying of AND1 material, whether or not sourced from this site, requires the prior permission of the MHRA, to whom all enquiries should be addressed.

Digital publication rights to all AND2 A-E entries, and all rights whatsoever for AND2 entries from F onwards, as and when they are created, reside with the Anglo-Norman Dictionary. However, the MHRA has the sole right to publish AND2 entries for letters A-E in print form. Consequently, you must not use any of the AND2 A-E material digitally published on this site in any way that infringes the rights of the MHRA and its publishers in the printed edition. Specifically, if you wish to use AND2 A-E material in a way that entails making multiple hardcopy versions of more than one entry, even if your source for these copies is the digital material on this site, you should regard this as equivalent to copying the corresponding print entries and either ensure that your doing so is covered by whatever licencing agreement your institution may have made with publishers’ organisations, or seek the appropriate permission from the MHRA’s publishers. Further particulars of how to make such requests can be found in the printed edition.

If you wish to make multiple copies in printed form of more than one AND2 entry in the range from F onwards, you must first request permission of the AND. Such requests will readily be granted, without fee, for bona fide educational or scholarly purposes.

The postal address of the MHRA is

Modern Humanities Research Association
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The postal address of the Anglo-Norman On-Line Hub (for permissions request purposes) is

Anglo-Norman Dictionary
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In addition to the respecting the intellectual property rights indicated above, you must not incorporate any digital AND entries, or any source material or scholarly article on this site, in whole or in part, into any other publication in any medium, whether for profit or otherwise, without prior and specific permission of the AND and any other interested parties. In particular, any unauthorised copying of entire AND entries or substantial portions of other copyright materials published here on to other web sites, whether the sites concerned are commercial, academic, open access or community based, will be treated as a breach of copyright and appropriate measures will be taken against those responsible for any such copying and their Internet hosting and connection providers. This prohibition extends to “user-community-authored” reference sites and aggregating portals that embed full AND pages in their own displays rather than returning links to the AND itself. The purpose of this restriction is to ensure that the work of the AND contributors, funded largely by United Kingdom taxpayers, can be freely accessible to all in a way that allows the authors’ contributions to scholarship to be acknowledged and the integrity of their work to be safeguarded. It does not of course attempt to override “fair dealing” provisions as defined in any jurisdiction to which users and/or the AND may be subject: in particular, citation of AND entries or other material on this site for the purposes of illustration, scholarly discussion and review requires no specific prior permission from the AND.

Although copying of AND digital material is subject to the above restrictions, any academic or bona fide educational site, whether private, institutional or commercial, may offer links to the AND home pages, and/or they may also offer direct links to any individual digital AND entries of their choice. The AND undertakes to ensure within the limits of technical possibility that any links made according to the specified technique will not become invalid as a result of any changes made to the AND site or servers. The AND is keen to enter into (preferably reciprocal) agreements with other lexicographical projects and publishers for the exchange of materials or real-time interoperation at the level of XML documents, and requests to discuss such co-operation will be welcomed.